Chatbots that Elevate VISITOR EXPERIENCE

Generative AI chatbots can take many forms, but their core purpose remains the same: make stakeholder interactions more accessible, impactful, and efficient.

vChat is a Gen-AI chatbot built to simulate human dialogue sans the delay of human decision making. Flexible, user-friendly, and perpetually curious – read on to learn how vChat elevates organizations.

Enhanced by Gen-AI

Custom, No-Code AI Chatbots

  • Plug & Play: connect your content and launch a custom chatbot like ChatGPT
  • Seamless and flexible data ingestion from sources like files or public URLs
  • Precision-trains on your data to customize existing models to your requirements
  • Configurable NLU & NLP layer incorporates a collection of NLU engines like TensorFlow, Azure AI, OpenAI, RASA, and BERT
  • Switches between engines based on what’s most suitable for your specific needs or preferences
  • Built-in safeguards prevent inappropriate conversations or inaccurate responses
  • Tailor-made with no coding required

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Human-Like Interactions

  • Conversational UI analyzes patterns and provides personalized user experiences
  • Natural language generation enables natural, organic, and intuitive interactions
  • Voice-based and multimodal interfaces offered
  • Consistent and authentic branding with every exchange

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Simple Integrations

  • Explore an abundance of integrations
  • Access software apps or services directly from vChat’s interface
  • Initiate interactions, tasks, or commands for vChat to execute
  • Eliminate the need for download and installation
  • Convenient, scalable, and cost-effective

Customer Onboarding

Continuous Improvement

  • Learns from past interactions and user input
  • Seeks clarification in less straightforward situations
  • Flags unhandled messages to prevent future ambiguity
  • Provides real-time reports so insights are always updated
  • Offers advanced data visualization dashboards


Key Benefits of vChat

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Simple Configuration

Our drag and drop bot builder makes creating chatbots quick and easy. Design workflows to guide user conversations, test your chatbot, and analyze performance without a single line of code.

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Advanced Analytics

Improved analytics shed light on performance areas like conversations, traffic, users, and device access. Gain unmatched insight into key success indicators like goal completion rate, top messages, and exit points. Better understand new, active, and total user behavior and track aggregate or individual interactions.

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Unified Access

Enable users to authenticate using their Microsoft accounts or various SSO providers within the chatbot and CMS. vChat supports multi-tenancy, simplifying user experience and account management.

Customer Onboarding

Customizable Experience

Tailor your chatbot’s visual elements and behavior to match your needs. Construct brand-specific color schemes, themes, and avatar personalities, or animate your chatbot using float, auto-open, or jump settings to catch attention.

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Comprehensive Exporting

Seamless importing and exporting make it easy to deploy your chatbot based on your specific requirements. Keep stakeholders informed by generating PDF analytics reports using custom date ranges or exporting individual conversation transcripts in PDF or JSON format.

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Proactive Issue Resolution

Cloud-based servers ensure your information stays online in the event of an outage. Submit ticket requests directly to our engineering team to fix bugs and suggest features or contact your personal account manager for assistance with other needs. Status reports are sent weekly and cover key statistics for every chatbot.

Industry Agnostic Utility


Thriving stakeholder relationships

Member Benefits

Empowered customers remain loyal


Patient satisfaction and practice expansion


Elevated earnings and customer experience


Information accessibility earns client trust and retention


Thoughtful customer care boosts bottom line

Role-Based Solutions

Human Resources

Capture top talent profiles and streamline the recruitment process


4x the conversion rate of traditional web lead forms

Beyond Web

Mobile App

Mobile application integration for convenient, in-app support and assistance

Social Messengers

Consistent experiences across channels and better reachability through social integrations like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


Manage e-commerce needs like product recommendations, order tracking, and customer care


Support internally and automate business workflows

More Ways to Interact


Conversational voice recognition supports spoken queries too


Users can communicate through text messages, even without internet access

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