Engage your members anytime of the day

Use meaningful conversation to fuel the best services and meet membership needs

vChat Helps Drive Business 24/7-365

Policy Comparison & Policy Quoting


"what’s the best fit for my needs?"

Claims Management


"I had a problem and need to report it for compensation"

Adding New Member To An Existing Policy


"How can I update my account quickly? "

Policy Renewals


"Automate contact window of opportunities with members"

Customer Onboarding Assistant


"how exactly do I use my new membership benefits?"

Risk Evaluation & Fraud Prevention


"stop theft in its tracks before it gets out"

Forward-thinking membership providers include vChat to improve customer retention, reduce employee burnout, and deliver better experiences.


Healthcare Membership Services


Retail Membership Services


Never let your members wait or navigate through FAQs again

Use a chatbot to handle some of the most common queries for your members seamlessly, and free up your staff's time for more complicated questions, reducing the likelihood of mistakes due to human error.

Engage your members wherever they are

Have a strong online presence with omnichannel support, including social platforms, and make it possible for members to connect with your business, the way they like. Create an unforgettable, omnichannel experience that could eventually lead to increased retention rates.

Does everything a human executive would do, and more

Deliver personalized promotional content to members, creating thoroughly engaging conversational experiences, and collect powerful feedback. Your members can subscribe, renew or cancel memberships without any human intervention.

Your Human executives run out of bandwidth, but your Chatbot doesn't

Even if every single Member of your business comes looking for support at the same time, the Chatbot can simultaneously handle a multitude of requests, instantly providing world-class support to your customers in their preferred language.

Make your membership journey smoother

Chatbots can prove effective in helping your prospects to DIY membership profile creation, and existing members to update their profiles by themselves, in just a few clicks sans any traditional to-and-fro emails and approvals.

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