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The fundamentals of a quality engineered software application lie in Reliability, Understandability, Modifiability, Usability, Portability & Efficiency. These aspects apply to almost all conceivable application types & systems, from embedded systems & websites to mobile apps & open-source Application Programming Interfaces.

Testing any or all of these aspects is fundamental to the Software Development Life Cycle of any given projects. While the priority of these elements will vary from project to project, quality engineering has to be a top priority if you want to change your business with an application.

Manual Testing

With meticulously designed test plans, our QA engineers run through manual tests of your Mobile and Web applications, starting with the requirements gathering phase to make sure testing covers all phases of SDLC. We offer a rock-solid testing practice that delivers a quality application, helping increase operational efficiency and business growth.

We provide the highest quality in QA and Testing with extensive expertise executing various manual testing projects with numerous testing techniques for more than a decade.

Automation Testing

We offer you a comprehensive range of script-based automation for web and mobile applications that can be run on-demand or by schedule as part of your continuous integration to meet your KPIs for each stage of the SDLC.

Our automation testing services help in early detection with accuracy and increased coverage thus saving time and money. Our automation testing services allow you to get the standard and tedious aspects of testing automated, so you can focus on the testing tasks that need manual intervention and creative thought processes such as Graphical user interface and exploratory testing.

Wearables Testing

With expanding digitalization, wearables such as Smartwatches, Bands, Wallets, and other accessories are ubiquitous. Our QA team precisely tests the wearables for integrating app and device, usability, battery life, sensors, and connectivity.

Our wearables testing focuses on real-life usability conditions like exercising, walking, sleeping, etc. We offer valuable metrics to launch the product in the market with confidence.

API Testing Services

APIs are now synonymous with plug and play. Any organization adapting to modern cloud-based architectures uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to act as an interface to exchange data between systems.

Our team uses automation techniques in parallel with development activities to test all the APIs consumed by the application and validate the quality of the webservices.

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