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Modern day security that goes beyond measures.

cyber security services

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we are your trusted go-to partner bringing advanced expertise in the current threat landscape. Our dedication to this business area ensures that our team understands precisely what companies face regarding their cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Let us become an extension of your team, which means you can be sure that if your company meets an attack, we have the expertise to help you out.

Eleviant enables you to map, monitor, and mitigate your digital risk footprint. Our Software as a Service-based enterprise platform collects intelligence data across open and closed sources in real-time. We deliver actionable threat intel well before your organization is at risk through our industry-leading Machine Learning capabilities and our peerless Human Analytics.

cyber security services
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Managed Detection & Response

Using advanced security analytics on endpoints, user behavior, application, and network, our Managed Detection and Response provides deeper detection compared to traditional Managed Security Services Provider. Get the most comprehensive application security and ensure application availability with guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

  • Application & Application Programming Interface Protection.

  • Application Firewall.

  • Web & Mobile Application Scanning.

  • Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation.

Penetration Testing

Eleviant specializes in manual penetration testing services for web, mobile (iOS/Android) & desktop applications, APIs, and external networks. Our comprehensive Application Programming Interface pen testing services ensure your API endpoints are designed and configured according to best practices.

  • Web Application Pentest

  • API Pentest

  • Mobile Pentest

Cyber Risk Management

Our unified and integrated cyber risk management platform continuously exposes blind spots, actively reduces attack surface, and amplifies MITRE tactics. Identify outlier behavior for users, networks and data access to detect human oversight and attain complete control.

  • Continuous Risk Assessment.

  • Minimize Attack Surface.

  • Excess Privileges & Misconfiguration.

  • Prevent Malware.

  • Transactional Data Lake.

Zero Trust Workload Segmentation

Eleviant delivers functionality that exceeds NIST Zero Trust guidelines out of the box. Defend critical applications, tools and workflows against software supply chain attacks and tightly secure enterprise crown jewels located on-premise and in public clouds across entire server lifecycle.

  • Architected for Zero Trust.

  • Micro Segmentation.

  • Whitelisting.

  • Profile Fencing.

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