BI Dashboard Solution

Bring clarity to your Business

The data in your business can be in many forms and can come from various operations like Sales, Marketing, Support, Engineering & R&D. Trying to make sense of all of this disconnected data with notes and spreadsheets, when your business starts scaling could prove to be a challenge. That’s where a dashboard comes into play.

Eleviant’s Dashboard solution vReport, will provide a comprehensive view of all the data in your organization, with powerful Business Intelligence charts & data derivations to help you make informed decisions on everything, with zero errors due to mishandling or misinterpretation of data.


Key Benefits of vReport

Bird’s eye view of all operations

Gain absolute clarity into every facet of operations with a comprehensive overview of data from every corner of your business. Splice & dissect the data any way you need, to make the most sense of business numbers and unearth unforeseen insights.

Informed Strategies & Decisions

With complete visibility of data across all operations in your business, you can now make more informed decisions. You can create intelligent dashboards and charts to validate and substantiate important business strategies & decisions.

Scaling your KPIs & Metrics

As your business grows, you need to understand how your KPIs scale – with comprehensive Business Intelligence at your fingertips, you would be able to predict and target new metrices that your business demands.

Bring down your waste

Wastage of resources does not only affect your business, but the extended community as well. Learn to harness the resources at hand, and mitigate wasted resources in terms of material, manpower and money.

Improve Productivity & Profits

With the power of BI, you can measure everything. And where you measure diligently, you start seeing tangible results. With Eleviant’s intuitive dashboard solution, you’d be able to clearly identify areas of improvement in your strategies.

Automate Growth YoY

Go on autopilot with your growth strategies - when you have clarity in data, and your entire team is onboard, everything works like clockwork. And if you need to automate certain aspects of business, then you know where you can now integrate your automation systems.

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