Why Web Personalization with Sitecore?

March 9, 2017

Anand Kannan


Why Web Personalization with Sitecore?

Web personalization and buzz going on around.

The online world is aggressively growing and evolving constantly. The latest advancement in web application development space to reach out more customers quickly and efficiently is the rules-based, adaptive, historical, journey-based personalization techniques. Yet many companies are still focusing on showing the same content to users, forcing them to exit the site instantly leading to low conversion rates.

User experience personalization is imperative and businesses embracing this latest advancement are experiencing better growth, customer engagement.

There are 3 reasons that force businesses to refrain from adopting to web personalization:

  • Don’t know how to get started
  • Not imperative for their business
  • Ignorant to the advancements

Irrespective of the reasons, ultimately when you try to answer what exactly your business wants, it is conversions and revenue. And this can be accomplished only with continuous customer engagement. To achieve this, personalizing the websites is imperative; because, it enables you to realize what customers want online. They want it quick, instantly and in the way, they like.

Web personalization with Sitecore?

While web app development services personalization can add a lot of value to your business, personalizing your website with Sitecore can transform the way your customers view your website. Yes, Sitecore experience platform is powered with tons of personalization features and leveraging it can lead to dramatic increase in customer engagement, retention.

How Sitecore personalization works?

Personalization for every visitor is hard. But, with Sitecore it is possible and seamless. The robust platform when leveraged can enable web owners to identify every user, capture their previous behaviors to surprise them with the content elements they like when they visit the site next time.

Well, how to identify the behaviors of visitors?

The personalization techniques ensure quick wins across your site. This feature enables marketers to think about different methods to group the visitors based on demography, IP address, keywords, devices, gender, preferences.

The web owners can leverage the personalization feature to analyze the pages visited, locations, content consumed, and goals triggered. With this approach, browsing the path of visitor behavior is simple and efficient.

How does this approach improves customer engagement?

Once the marketers know the customer behavior through the advanced web analytics, they can enable content and calls to action for specific users based on their previous visits. This would induce the customers to create a personal connectivity with the brand, which in turn leads to brand awareness, growth, revenue.

Transform your old static website to an exciting dynamic model with personalized approach using Sitecore and start joining the bandwagon of successful businesses with impressive clientele.

Don’t know how to get started with Sitecore web personalization? Talk to our expert today.

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