Sitecore Web Personalization: How to Get Started, Personalize, and Boost Conversions?

March 16, 2017

Anand Kannan


90% of marketers apparently know that personalized and relevant approach is the ideal way to meet customer expectations. But, in real-time focusing on customers fully and collecting their data for personalization requires substantial efforts, and in the process, they might fail to reach the business objectives and convert visitors to customers.

How to make this complex task easier and enable marketers to deliver personalized content to customers? Well, with Sitecore Experience Platform it is seamless and efficient.

How to get started with?

All marketers require is doing the right thing at right time. Understanding customer behavior is a must and collecting the data during previous visits is critical. But how to compile such huge volume of data quickly and efficiently?

With Sitecore, marketers can amass the above-said data without breaking a sweat. Tapping the Sitecore Experience Platform can provide you with data on:

  • Where your customers come from?
  • What search query was used to reach your site?
  • Which page they visited?
  • How long they are engaged to the page?
  • What are actions performed?
  • When and why did they exit?

The emerging platform has some personalized approaches to capture customer data based on their visits to your site.

  • Rules-based personalization

Set conditions based on IP, geography, gender, keywords etc. to determine the type of content to be displayed when they revisit the site.

  • Adaptive personalization

Create visitor profiles and leverage them to dynamically adapt the content displayed real-time. Utilize the powerful pattern-card matching to perform this action.

  • Historical personalization

Capture and analyze customer’s behavior and actions during previous visits and show up content that matches with the expectations during the subsequent visits.

  • Test and Personalize

Perform multivariate A/B testing to find out what type of content works well with customers.

Your marketers can utilize the personalization features based on your web needs. With such a system implemented in the website, it becomes easier for the marketers to analyze customer behavior. Whenever a customer visits site, the personalized approaches implemented comes into play and provides them only with the relevant content based on their previous visits, hiding the irrelevant content.

Offering your customers with customized content tailor-made to their needs will ensure long-term engagement with your brand and improve conversions.

Putting it all together:

Implementing the metrics discussed above requires special skills and care. Understanding the difference between every personalization approach and setting up protocols is a must to enable the functions for better results.

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