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The workplace has evolved not only with the arrival of new technologies but also due to changing work habits and expectations of employees. A generational shift is taking place in the workforce and workplace, and it’s never too late to keep your business agile and competitive amidst the evolving landscape.  

PeopleOne is a fully integrated digital workplace that brings all of your employee communications, business applications, and human resource initiatives together into one place. With PeopleOne, communicate clear, collaborate better, and create unique employee experiences like never before.  

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Key Benefits of PeopleOne

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The SharePoint Safety Net

Built on Microsoft® SharePoint and Teams, PeopleOne is a modern enterprise intranet solution for your employees to connect, collaborate and share information in real-time across your business safe and secure.

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Advantage Mobile

PeopleOne allows you to access all your company's intranet services on your Android or iOS devices. Whether it's an important news feed, a crucial document that needs your attention, or the notification to a meeting you can't miss - PeopleOne puts it right in your pocket.

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Culture is Key

Cultivate the power of peer-to-peer engagement at work. PeopleOne helps you harness your employees' collective intelligence to drive innovation, share knowledge, and ultimately increase performance across your organization.

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Documents, Data, Information

Manage and disseminate information through secured channels to the right people and stay on top of your communications. Our Document Management System enables fast and easy access and retrieval of all documents in one place for your employees anywhere, anytime.

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Experience is Everything 

Achieving a sense of teamwork in the workplace is not easy. It takes more than just getting employees in the same building. PeopleOne features multiple tools designed to help you achieve team collaboration, including discussion forums, groups, networking opportunities, and much more.

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More Openness

PeopleOne is an intelligent, flexible platform that connects your business to any solution. It will act as a launchpad for all applications, either they are homegrown or 3rd party, allowing you to manage your people and business in one place!

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