Why Workflow Management Is Critical for Business Success?

April 4, 2017

Anand Kannan


A major problem affecting the bottom-line of 70-80% of businesses of any size is managing the workflow. No denying the fact that the complete process is complicated, yet managing the process is critical as little or no control over the workflow can tear down the performance staggeringly.

Workflow links multiple processes performed by different teams and departments, and this makes it even more complicated.

Why workflow management is critical for business success?

Be it a small, medium or large enterprise, workflow process involves different departments functioning across, but dependent on each other. Workflow management failure in one of the departments could affect the other departments and eventually the profit.

Managing the complete data of different processes will be daunting as even microscopic mistakes will reflect on the cost incurred by the company. Manual data management is often subjected to risks as there are high chances for man-made blunders. Incomplete, sparse documentation, data lost can only mean devastation to any business and could tarnish the visibility of the company in the business arena.

Other setbacks of manual workflow management are:

  • Undetailed, inaccurate or zero visibility to data
  • Delayed data retrieval
  • Sluggish work rate
  • Uneven distribution
  • Ineffective coordination and collaboration with other departments
  • Poor decision making
  • Reduced operative margins

On top of the above, top research studies throw light on how businesses managing the workflows perfectly with state-of-the-art tools and techniques create new opportunities and acquire customers in the marketplace.

Streamlining workflows for better customer efficiency and productivity.

Well, despite different methods available for this, adopting to workflow solutions is the ideal way as it is recommended by industry leaders.

Going with top research studies, with SharePoint workflow solutions there comes a handful of benefits and enterprises adopting this are already experiencing 2.7x more real-time visibility and 19% improvement in the profit.

SharePoint is considered to be one of the top-rated workflow management solutions for its ability to innovate and deliver. It is highly scalable and robust as well.

Benefits of SharePoint workflow management solutions.

Reports of various studies point out that enterprises embracing workflow management solutions are witnessing 19’20% of growth in the span of 1 year. From the reports, it is evident that managing the workflows with high quality solutions can dramatically boost the bottom-line of any business. Below-mentioned are a few other benefits of adopting SharePoint workflow management solutions.

  • Improvement in time to decision
  • Improvement in operative margins
  • Improvement in key process cycle time
  • Internal schedule compliance

So, it is evident that managing workflow can supercharge productivity and improve efficiency staggeringly. Start digitizing your business process today and stay ahead of your competitors!

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