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Future-Proof your Business with Cloud Migration.

Businesses running on traditional on-prem applications and infrastructure will always have new challenges to overcome. Over the years, the evolution of the internet has made Cloud computing a necessity rather than a trend. As the market and business opportunities are no longer constrained by geographies and time, harnessing the power of the Cloud is inevitable.

Eleviant’s Cloud migration service can assist you in any stages of your cloud journey. Our goal is to help you smoothly transition from traditional, performance-hindering legacy systems to public or private cloud platforms that offer greater agility, reduced costs, and flexibility.

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Cloud Migration Services

At Eleviant, we help you take your workload from legacy systems, which might pose challenges for your business to scale and grow, to cloud infrastructure provided by industry-recognized Cloud-infra providers to improve overall operational efficiency. In addition, we offer end-to-end expert transition assistance, ensuring a smooth implementation and helping you breathe new life into your digitalization efforts.

Cloud migration can ensure

Cloud Application Consulting & Strategy

Many businesses are still on the fence about cloud migration. Eleviant’s Cloud consulting and strategy service helps you break the barriers of uncertainty and plans your cloud strategy. To devise the perfect migration plan, we analyze your current infrastructure, processes, and unique business needs.

Our services include

Cloud Application Engineering

At Eleviant, we help re-engineer your on-prem business applications and make them cloud-ready to maximize migration efficiency. We can transfer your applications to the cloud with no changes in user identities – same applications, just in the cloud with better responsiveness, flexibility, and scalability. The more efficient your Cloud-based applications, the more you can save time and cost, not to mention the flexibility your new system will offer when adopting emerging technologies.

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