Why User Management Using Cloud Is The Secret Ingredient To Success!

March 12, 2021

Idhaya M V

Why User Management Using Cloud Is The Secret Ingredient To Success!

Who are users?

USA President Abraham Lincoln once said democracy is the government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. Likewise, all the services in companies are developed by the people, for the people’s use. All these people are called users.

For example, let us take an airport ticket booking system. The users who provide tickets, manage the money, and take care of the other services are called internal users. The users who get the tickets by paying cash and use it for their personal or business use are called external users. Various vendors who provide food for the company can also be classified under external users with different restriction levels and rules to access the system.

So why does the company classify the users as internal and external users? Anyways the service is designed for everyone might be the question that would have surfaced in the mind of the person who invented this system! Think of the chaos that would have happened if there were no set of responsibilities and restrictions and classification of users for a service?

What will happen when a person who comes to book a ticket will have authority over the money transacting part and access the expense management counter? There will be chaos and security threats. For this purpose, rules and classification came into existence.

An internal user will look after the working of the system, and the external user can avail of the system’s services. An air hostess, pilot, ticket booking employee at the counter are classified as internal users with their restrictions. People who sit back and enjoy the airline services are called external users. They pay money to the system to avail these services. Can you think of a passenger going inside the cockpit and flying an airplane?! This is why classification is needed.

With every challenge human-faced, he came up with an excellent solution to make lives better for this humanity. Let’s take a look at one solution that came as a boon to all of us!

Let us take the same air ticket booking system. There were days when we saw people thought travelling by air was such a complicated task. Finding airline, fixing a date, gathering the required money and taking it physically from their place to the ticket booking counter safely and booking a ticket and doing all the needed pieces of work!

Turn around and see how your youngest family member can now book a ticket using an online service without any hassle in an instant just from the same house you are residing in. This is where cloud services come in handy.

If not for the cloud services, we would not have thought of life that is so easier today in all aspects. This is just one example.

So what is the challenge now?

Technology comes with its challenges. Physically we could restrict people at counters when buying air tickets and stop any threats that can occur with a security system. Is that possible with technology?

The human species have rapidly evolved with the support of technology. How cloud classifies and restricts the entry of the different types of users inside a system can be fascinating to read. Let us dive deeper now.

Management of Internal and External User Base using Cloud

Let’s add quite a few jargons here to explain this concept. To establish directories containing the colossal number of users and their respective signing in information, servers, libraries and various other IT infrastructure should be developed from scratch. The number of people required for doing this and the cost involved here is humungous.

“It felt so wrong to purchase a server to accomplish the need for directory services, group policies, and system administration and make our customers reliant on an on-premises piece of equipment. “

-Yiddy Lemmer, CEO, CompuConnect

A unique set of credentials can be provided to every user of the system. The same can be used to access anything related to the service from various pages securely with less administration. This is how it is managed in cloud.

A strong user management system and user identity management system is the need of the hour with the increasing user base worldwide.

Centralized user management is the need for modern industries, which consists of website, apps and various services offered to users. With cloud management in place, a user can access the services anytime, anywhere with a single sign-on in total security. Previously, every user had to be connected with the directory for signing on to an application, even if it was for a single time, which increased the IT department’s pressure approving the entry requests every time.

Security of the system is improved in leaps and bounds by implementing centralized user management using cloud services. Thereby a lot of security breaches are avoided in the system. With cloud, it is more simple to use with many security controls layers, monitored from a central system. Every user is given access to the system based on their policies and roles.

Auditing the user management system has become easy. Both internal and external users can access the system with a single sign-on anytime, anywhere, and benefit from this.

Wondering how to go about this journey alone? You do not have to worry. With a single click, you can contact us, and we will be able to give consultation on how to make your cloud journey most comfortably!

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