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The world as we know it now is in a constant state of flux – with so many new possibilities and avenues of growth, we would be remiss to not focus our concentrated energies on such opportunities. But, mundane everyday tasks that are part of the operational workflow, seem to keep our resources tied down. Robotic Process Automation is key to tipping the balance to your advantage!

Eleviant’s RPA bots are focused towards freeing up your resources spent on high-volume, repetitive operational tasks, such as invoicing, payroll, and employee, vendor or customer boarding. These tasks, although mundane enough to be considered basic operational activities of a business, are high-impact areas that can seriously affect the efficiency of the business if unattended. Plug and play Eleviant’s RPA bots!

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Key Benefits of vBots

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Invoice Automation

Eleviant's RPA bot for Invoice Automation can help efficiently extract important data from invoices and feed it into any AP (Accounts Payable) system that you run. Traditionally a paper-based system fraught with inefficient manual processes, delays, and errors, Invoicing can be automated to improve productivity, save time and resources.

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Payroll Automation

Running the payroll every month is a tedious process that can take up a lot of resources, time and effort. An easy way to mitigate efforts will be to automate the entire process with Eleviant's RPA bot for Payroll Automation. With Eleviant's bot, you can easily collect relevant data, such as timesheets and abscences and take into account regional and special tax circumstances, and ensure timely and error-free payrolls.

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Employee Onboarding

Onboarding of new employees is an activity that definitely needs a human touch, but there are nuances in the process that could keep you from helping the new employee have a wholesome onboarding experience. Eleviant's RPA bots for employee onboarding can help you automate all the mundane tasks and simplify the paperwork, ensuring a smooth and positive onboarding process for new employees.

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

The customer onboarding process includes a set of activities that need your undivided attention – but you could save time and resources and eliminate the risk of human-error completely, by automating the process. Eleviant's RPA bot for Customer Onboarding can help your customer get accustomed to the product, service and brand with ease, allowing you to provide new levels of support throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle.

Various activities, including direct bill reconciliation, carrier documents retrieval, renewals, notice of cancellations, and policy amendments, have to be handled error free in the insurance industry. Agency management systems, although robust, require a lot of manual work. Eleviant's RPA bots for AMS automation can help in streamlined processing of various policy management activities and automation of extraction and input of data.

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PPP loan reporting

Banks had to process and submit tremendous volumes of payment reports to the Federal Reserve periodically, when the US government introduced the Paycheck Protection Program during the outbreak of the 2020 COVID19 Pandemic. Using Eleviant's RPA bot for PPP loan reporting, the whole process of reporting, which includes data validation, data consolidation, templatized report creation and email triggering can be automated.

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