How we helped a fast-growing health benefits provider digitally transform their business operations with web and mobile solutions

October 29, 2021

Idhaya M V

Case Study


freshbenies is a health benefits service provider based in Dallas, TX. Established in 2009, the business has helped individuals, employers, and brokerages with various non-insurance tools to moderate healthcare services and needs. It is a one-stop solution that provides multiple healthcare savings-related services. Members save thousands of dollars on their family’s healthcare needs (and more) using the benefits provided by freshbenies. 

Client Needs/ Challenges Faced

The client initially used physical cards to track the services consumed by their customers. They had to print the cards manually and send it out to all their members. With growing digitization, the client wanted to evolve towards a more unified digital participation and improve the user experience for all its users, fueled by their desire to enhance customer engagement.  

The Solution

Eleviant, with over 1000 person-years of consulting experience, joined hands with the client to produce a web and mobile-based solution that would transform the ongoing business in terms of scale and efficiency. Eleviant’s digital engagement experts developed a strategic plan to address the client’s needs; created a robust roadmap; connected all their needs with the most positive, engaging solution; grouped the different types of users based on activities; and drafted a design with a clear distinction of roles and responsibilities. This decluttering exercise instantly improved the ease of operations. 

Eleviant developed, 

  • Member Portal 
  • Broker Portal 
  • Employer Portal 
  • Beniehub – Backend Admin Portal 
  • Mobile app for Members 

Efficiently using the latest technologies and tools and helping the client streamline their business. With all this in place, members overcame the difficulty of logging in to every third-party website individually to access the services and was more user-friendly and time-saving. The client’s website seamlessly became the entry and exit point for accessing all the benefits their service provided. 


We get so many compliments on it from everywhere in the industry, everybody says it's so clean, it's so easy to use

This is not All!

There is more to the story! Just fill in your details, and we will immediately mail the complete case study to dive deep into our tools and methodologies. So please take a look at the case study to know the value delivered and technology used to transform our client's business.

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