Helping a Visionary Pediatric Crowns Company Embrace Automation for Their Inventory and Customer Service

September 30, 2021

Case Study


Our client wanted to overcome the challenge posed by the dearth of stainless-steel pediatric dental crowns manufacturers in the market and take charge of transitioning the market. The client entered the pediatric dental crowns market in order to manufacture affordable dental crowns and facilitate an easy supply of the products to dental clinics and hospitals.

The Problem Statement

The client’s vision grew and so did the business which mandated the need to automate inventory, purchase and supply management with minimal process and tools. They also wanted to integrate shipping and tracking information to the solution to make order management less cumbersome.

The Solution

Impiger’s solution for the client comprised of value-added services like Product Categorization and Customer Management to help client view data related to inventory, orders and sales. By deploying and leveraging technologies like ASP.NET MVC and Azure Compute services, Impiger was able to create a new solution which was able to digitally transform the sales and inventory management process from the conventional Excel sheets. This solution was easy to use, saved time, and offered accurate information to the stakeholders which reinforced their business substantially.


Impiger successfully eliminated 6–7 steps of our order fulfillment process. They’re talented developers that enjoy collaborating with clients.

There is More!

Get to know more about the techniques and approaches we used to help the client embrace automation for their inventory management. Just fill in your details and we will send the detailed case study right away!

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