Webinar Notes: Is Your Mobile App ‘Really’ Ready For Customers?

November 26, 2015

Dileepan Selvaraj

Webinar Notes: Is Your Mobile App ‘Really’ Ready For Customers?

Steep demand by customers and the technology zeitgeist of our times have forced organizations to launch their product quickly before a competitor takes the first spot on the customers mobile phone. The ‘wild west’ nature of the market can stunt organizations into releasing a product that is not ready for the customer. Without a proper test strategy, many good apps have failed. So this brings to the topic of our webinar: Is Your Mobile App ‘Really’ Ready For Customers? – Optimize App Testing for a Better Go-To-Market Strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • Mobile Apps and Revenue trends
  • Mobile App Testing Challenges
  • What to focus for in Mobile App Testing?
  • Building your Mobile App Testing Strategy
  • Optimize and validate readiness for consumers

Mobile Apps and Revenue trends:

Apple and Google, in their fight for world domination, are in an intense completion to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of the consumers. Both boast a mind-boggling number of app downloads and revenue that is set to climb even higher in the coming years. Here’s the breakdown of the downloads and revenue:

Other important numbers worth mentioning are:

  • 80% – 90% of apps are deleted after first usage
  • 56% of apps that require a registration gets deleted
  • 45% of apps are not well tested
  • User expects app loading time to be within 2 secs
  • Average user checks device 150 times a day

To add more deterrent against releasing bad apps, a single user leaving a colorful bad comment can go viral on social media, get amplified by view hungry news publications and destroy the reputation of an app forever! So it is an imperative that organizations take testing seriously.


  • Variations ‘ a mobile app could be browser based, hybrid or native
  • Device fragmentation from OEMs
  • OS fragmentation
  • Different networks
  • Screensize/form factor fragmentation
  • Testing tools
  • Short test cycles

Focus areas:
An mobile app development must be put through all of the following tests before it goes to the hands of the customer

  • Functional tests
  • UI/UX
  • Compatibility
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Installation
  • Interoperability
  • Network
  • Accessibility

Building a test strategy:
With heavy competition and high customer expectation, building the right test strategy is important. Trying to identify and answer the following questions is the standard practice of building your strategy:

  • Are we satisfying the customer needs?
  • What age group/geographical region/usage patterns are we targeting?
  • Have comparative study of similar products been performed?
  • Have we studied user experience reviews and expert reviews?
  • Has user experience testing with designated groups been conducted?

Things to look for in usability testing

  • UI elements
  • Navigation
  • Content
  • Error Messages
  • UI guidelines
  • Accessibility guidelines
  • New features from OS updates

The finer details of all the mentioned aspects should be looked at right from initial design.

Things to look for in compatibility testing:
New OS versions take some time to become the dominant OS used in Android. Kitkat, released in 2013, is the most in use as of November ‘ 2015. The breakdown of the numbers can be seen below:

Brand and screensize fragmentation, respectively are also numerous in Android

Screen fragementation:
This is not the case with iOS devices. Here’s is Apple’s breakdown OS version used and screensize fragmentation:

Screen sizes:


  • Fragmentation statistics change very frequently
  • iOS users adoption is different from Android users
  • Compatibility Testing Strategy needs to be thorough
  • Key – Selection of devices to perform compatibility testing
  • Mix of – Real Devices, Simulators, Cloud based devices

Things to look for in Network tests:

  • Type of Connection : Wireless or Cellular Data
  • Signal Strength: Low, Medium, or Strong
  • Cellular data connection type: 2G to 4G
  • Different Carriers
  • Network Virtualization to mimic real world scenarios

Things to look for in performance tests:

  • Responsiveness, Memory, CPU usage
  • Network usage
  • Battery consumption
  • Measure new features and changes against your benchmark as part of continuous testing
  • Benchmark your performance with new features
  • Measure against competitor apps
  • Are we capable to scaling to increase in load

Things to look for in Installation testing:

  • Installation / Upgrade of apps in local memory/SD cards
  • No data loss, configurations, settings after upgrade of OS
  • Upgrade of back end server/mobile apps

Things to look for in Interoperability testing:

  • Push notifications/Interruptions
  • Battery removal
  • Synchronization
  • Orientations
  • Location/Device specific settings

Things to look for in Security testing:

  • Encryption of source code(obfuscation), database and file level encryption for data(resource files) on device
  • Encryption of data in-transit, and app controls, app logs
  • Too less or excessive permissions(check manifest files, should be encrypted) which may lead to breach of confidential information
  • Safe in-app purchases

Things to look for in compliance testing:

  • App store checklist
  • Legal requirements( 3rd party licenses)
  • Industry related conformance ‘ PCI, HIPAA

Things to look for in accessibility testing:

  • Talkback/VoiceOver
  • Explore by touch
  • Focus navigation
  • Gesture navigation
  • Accessibility settings(increase text size, speed at which text is spoken)

Other things to look for:

  • With each version of app check the user reviews and feedback
  • Do we have feedback crashes from actual users being reported to take corrective actions?
  • Monitor the real users exceptions and handle it before it affects a larger groups of users
  • Enable analytics to monitor the usage patterns
  • Follow social media for other reviews

30 is the Director of Enterprise Mobility at 23. He is an IT professional with over 12 years of experience. Ritwik has a streak of converting raw business opportunities into successful multi-million dollar deals in the mobile space.

Ananda Jothiis the Director of Software Testing at 23. She has over 16 years of experience in the industry and has led, and managed 250+ testing projects on various technologies and business domains.

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