October 29, 2021

Case Study


Wedge Advanced Software Product is world leader in barcode scanners and printers, barcode software, inventory control systems, and fixed asset tracking to small and medium business. Launched in 1994, more than 500, 000 customers use WASP hardware and software systems throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

The Challenges

The client manufactures and sells asset management systems and software that can track – fixed, inventory, multi-quantity assets through barcodes. Previously, they deployed on premise standalone software at each one of their customer’s locations. This invariable took a lot of effort to customize and support their systems. WASP Barcode tasked Impiger to build a solution that can work around their challenges.

The Solution

WASP mobile asset tracking application helps to easily manage and track the fixed inventories and assets. The iOS and Android mobile app supports both offline and online usage modes. User can create assets and perform transactions for the assets in the offline mode and perform up sync followed by the down sync of all data hosted on the cloud when online.

The Results

Wasp barcode’s customers’ can now easily track their inventory and assets anywhere with just their mobile phones and Bluetooth printer. The application offers true mobility of Wasp’s business critical software, there is sample security since the data is hosted on the cloud, and minimal additional hardware.

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