Remove Busywork and Get Back To Your Patients

Spend more heart-to-hearts spending time with people and leave the paperwork headaches with Vchat.

Healthcare Practitioners use vChat to Deliver a Quality Experience for Every Patient



"I want to setup an appointment or adjust the date."



"I wish on my next visit something could be different."



"I need to setup of a pharmacy order."



"I need a quick diagnostic from WebMD on a particular symptom."

Account Management


"I’d like to make adjustments to my personal information"

Intelligent healthcare practitioners use vchat to deliver quality in every patience experience.


Healthcare Bot


Schedule appointments

The vchat chatbot can seamlessly collect patient information and schedule appointments according to the doctor’s availability, suggest alternatives, make follow-up appointments, and send reminders, all through easy channels such as generic text messengers.

Immediate attention and enhanced care

Your patients will no longer wait on calls and queues to get their questions answered, however simple or complex. The vChat chatbot for healthcare can be programmed to answer almost every common query your patients might have, or even ask questions about symptoms and guide them accordingly.

Medication reminders

The vChat Chatbot can be a personal health assistant for your patients as well. The chatbot sends reminders and instructions to patients on their smartphones about their medications, helping them stay on track with their medication regimen, even when they forget to.

Patient feedback

The vChat chatbot can collect feedback from the patients about their experience at the hospital and the quality of services they have received, giving you actionable insights to improve the overall patient experience, helping you serve them better.

Super scalability

The vChat chatbot for healthcare can replace your traditional one-at-a-time patient support practice and effortlessly handle a multitude of incoming support requests simultaneously. Scale your customer service efforts without compromising on quality or cost.

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