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vChat Materializes Business Potential

Schedule Visits


“I need to change the date of my appointment.”

Gather Feedback


“Next time, I’d like for this to be handled differently.”

Handle Prescriptions


“I need to setup a pharmacy order.”

Share Advice


“Can you tell me what this symptom means?”

Manage Accounts


“I’d like to update my personal information.”

Healthcare chatbots handle tangential tasks so providers can focus on quality of care, patient satisfaction, and scaling their practice.


Healthcare Bot


Schedule Automation

vChat books or adjusts appointments based on patient information and provider availability. Beyond a scheduling tool, vChat suggests alternative timings, books follow-ups, and sends reminders through convenient channels like email or SMS.

Immediate and Comprehensive Care

vChat answers medical questions around the clock, offering patients instant relief for urgent needs. A configu rable backend allows for easy programming to handle simple queries. Providers can also define workflows, so patients are guided through follow-up questions to ensure complex queries are addressed accordingly. vChat can even search the internet to support response accuracy.

Convenience and Accountability

vChat serves as a virtual wellness assistant by sending patients reminders when it’s time for their next dose, or providing helpful instructions when doctor’s orders may have been confusing. Convenient communication sent directly to patients’ smartphones keeps them on track to meet their recovery and personal health goals.

Continuous Evaluation

vChat collects and analyzes patient feedback regarding quality of service, in/outpatient experience, or additional parameters requested by providers. By continuously learning from historic interactions, generating reports on user behavior, and providing actionable insights, vChat promotes sustained improvement.

Intense Scalability

vChat's impact on scalability is twofold. Removing tangential tasks from provider workloads creates more potential patient facetime. Providers can focus more on patient satisfaction, enticing new patients by the elevated quality of care.

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