Meet (retailers/employees/ customers) around the clock

Keep your stakeholders up-to-date with their inventory using AI driven conversational manufacturing chatbots.

vChat Helps Drive Business 24/7-365

Complaints Management


"I want a refund for a broken part."

Supply & Inventory Management


"I need to quickly catalogue a shortage"

Product & Fitment Recommendation


"What colors do you offer this in?"

Vendor/Supplier/ Dealer Communication

"let’s schedule an appointment to address your specific needs"

Handling Shopfloor Queries


"Our machine needs maintenance"

Contemporary manufacturers use vChat chatbots designed for the manufacturing industry to increase employee productivity, reduce customer wait times, and communicate accurate inventory listings


Manufacturing Bot


Process Efficiency

Chatbots designed for the manufacturing industry can help put all the pieces together and highlight wherever there is a gap in process, therefore improving process efficiency.

Data Accessibility

Chatbots can be integrated to all data records in the ecosystem currently, making them the single source of truth for all data in the organization.


Chatbots effectively bring down the man hours required for any process since they can be designed to share the workload and streamline processes.

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