Focus on your guests and let vChat handle the rest.

AI-powered virtual assistant for the most customer-centric industry. Create exceptional guest experiences every time.

vChat Helps Drive Business 24/7-365

Booking Management


"I would like to book a table tonight."

Order Management


"I want to order a well-done steak with extra peppercorn sauce. "

Product Recommendation


"Diners usually order medium fries with steak. Would you like to add that to your meal?"

Customer Engagement


"Would you like something from the chef’s special? Should I bring up that menu?"



"The food was excellent, but the dessert could be better."

vChat helps hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses improve their customer service across multiple communication channels, ensuring happier customers & improved business KPIs.


Food and Restaurant Bot


24/7 Customer Support

Having a great product or service is no longer enough. Provide excellent customer support round the clock with an AI-powered vChat chatbot and automate your customer support operations, reduce costs and improve your response times.

Social Integration

Chatbots are not just for websites anymore. vChat can integrate with your social channels and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and much more. Engage your customers wherever they are.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your customers never have to wait in long queues again. vChat can simultaneously handle a multitude of customer requests, in their preferred languages, and provide exceptional service every single time.

Intelligent Insights

Gain invaluable insights into customer purchase patterns, to create highly accurate customer profiles, making it easier for you to provide personalized offers and open new windows for cross-selling.

Improved Productivity

vChat can streamline your customer engagement processes so that your employees will spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time focusing on providing great customer service to all your customers.

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