Intelligent virtual assistance sets the standard for the most consumer-centric industry.

vChat Materializes Business Potential

Manage Reservations


“Can I reserve a table for four at 7pm?”

Manage Orders


“I’d like a medium steak with extra chimichurri.”

Recommend Extras


“Many guests order mashed potatoes with steak. Would you like to add that to your meal?”

Engage Proactively


“Are you interested in learning about the chef’s special today?”

Collect Feedback


“The food was great but service could’ve been better." has context menu

Hospitality chatbots boost guest satisfaction and retention, driving sustainable business growth.


Food and Restaurant Bot


Exceptional Support

vChat outperforms legacy support systems in every aspect; availability, response time, accuracy, autonomy, cost, and more. Customers can experience hiccups when they least expect, sometimes placing a burden on human employees to manage those frustrations. Luckily AI-powered customer care doesn’t sleep, or crack under pressure.

Scale Through Socials

vChat lives beyond business websites alone. Easy integration with social tools like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp engages customers through familiar and convenient channels. Touch a broader market by reaching guests where they already reside online.

Unlimited Bandwidth

vChat eliminates frustrating wait times and phone holds. The chatbot can handle high request volumes simultaneously and without delay, providing your guests with instant resolutions even during peak contact times.

Actionable Insights

vChat dashboards present key findings about user behavior, including who guests are, why they reach out, and the products or services they are interested in. Accurate, relevant insights into purchase patterns and customer profiles create opportunities for cross-selling and allow businesses to provide personalized offers.

Enhanced Productivity

vChat repurposes staff time by automating formerly manual tasks. Workers will spend less time on administrative activities, allowing them to focus on more complex responsibilities.

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