Recruitment chatbots improve candidate experiences and reduce top-of-the-funnel recruiting activities by 80%

AI-powered chatbots bring in the best potential employees and facilitate the hiring process.

HR professionals trust vChat to effectively manage their recruitment and operational processes.


Recruitment Bot


Make the best use of everyone's time

Prequalify candidates by matching their relevant experience with the right jobs and avoid the hassle of weeding out poor fits.

Fill your calendar with ready-made interviews

Let qualified candidates find openings on your calendar to meet online, or schedule directly with the hiring manager.

Keep candidates in the loop

Answer application status inquires, re-engage with incomplete information profiles, or reach out to previously unqualified candidates who've matured over the years.

Tell your company story

Address FAQs around important topics like culture, location, benefits, and history to paint a picture of what it is like to work for your business.

Connect with candidates wherever they are

Prospective employees engage with your company in many places so connect with them through a variety of digital channels.

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