Chatbots for Lead Generation

Convert web visitors into digital leads 4X more than traditional lead forms.

A lead funnel for the business that never sleeps.

Your prospect expects it all, but they don’t want to wait for it. With more and more customers turning to digital channels, your business needs a nimble yet solid resource to communicate with them. But how do you provide personalized experiences on a form that is virtually a one-size fits all?

Traditional forms of lead generation are no longer effective. You need more than that.

Speak to your audience, even when you are not around, understand them and get them hooked so bad, they want nothing but what you are offering. That’s the power of Chatbots in Lead Generation.


Lead Generation Bot


Prioritize leads that matter

Your visitors are on your website for a reason - They are already interested! The vChat Lead Generation Bot integrates with your CRM and puts these prospects right on top of the calling list for your sales team to do their magic, while they're still warm.

Form filling without the form

People love to chat. And why shouldn't they? A quick, informative conversation and minimal typing are what interest the audience of today. Conversational Lead Generation Bots provide visitors with autofill options to make form-filling effortless and quick - a perfect alternative to traditional lead forms.

Speak their language, effortlessly

Don’t let your visitors wait for the translator. The vChat Lead Generation Bot can engage with multiple visitors at once and in the language of their choice. Engaging your visitors in their preferred language boosts sales by over 74%.

Leave no stones unturned

Sales opportunities are not confined just to websites anymore. Your prospects are everywhere, and you got to be there to engage them. Deploy the vChat Lead Generation Bot on all your social channels and never miss an opportunity to fish a lead out of any stream!

Capture leads even when you sleep

vChat lead generation bot lets you focus on what matters the most, your business. You'll have a digital worker assisting visitors with directions and providing product recommendations, meanwhile qualifying them with complete details for you to follow up on later.

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