Simplify the Shopify Experience

Unleash the power of AI on your Shopify store. Manage customer conversations and easily create extraordinary experiences for your customers.

vChat Helps Drive Business 24/7-365

Order Tracking


"Where is my order? "

Order Management


"Can I edit or combine my orders to save on shipping fees? "

Ticket Management


"Would you like to open a customer service ticket? "

Customer FAQs


"I need help making a purchase with my rewards points."



"I have a product idea I would like to suggest."

Create amazing experiences for your customers on Shopify with intelligent AI-based conversations.


24/7 Customer Support

Resolve customer queries instantly and accurately around the clock with predefined flows for frequent questions related to orders, customer profiles and discounts.

Instant Integration

The vChat Shopify chatbot readily integrates with popular customer support and inventory management systems like Zendesk, QuickBooks, Fishbowl and any other software built on open API.

Actionable Insights

Answer application status inquirDetailed reports on number of customer queries, engagement rates, unattended questions designed provide clear insights to enhance customer support process on the go. es, re-engage with incomplete information profiles, or reach out to previously unqualified candidates who've matured over the years.

Multi-Lingual Support

vChat specially tailored Shopify chatbot is a multi-lingual interface that can handle customer requests in multiple languages, allowing customers to get details with zero communication challenges.

Sell Better

Open windows for cross-selling & targeted marketing, and provide personalized offers to your customers based on their purchase behavior & history.

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