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Chatbots can take many forms, from basic messaging apps to more complicated virtual assistants that we see today. But the goal of chatbot technology is always the same: to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make interactions between companies and their customers more accessible and more efficient.

Bluefish.ai is an AI Chatbot AKA virtual assistant for businesses deployed across various digital channels to have human-like conversations by understanding what customers want to know about your business or products.

customer support chatbot


Key Benefits of the Bluefish

Chatbots for every business

Chatbots For every business.

Every business is unique and has its own customer engagement challenges. We have tailored and specialized Chatbot to serve industries like retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and membership-based businesses and provide unparalleled customer experience.

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Serve where ever they are.

Bluefish offers deep flexibility in how you interact with customers, giving you the power to personalize every interaction based on the most appropriate channel for each customer conversation. Communicate easily with your customers on their favorite messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and create a strong customer relationship.

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More than a (Chat) bot

Our chatbots don’t just talk with your customers and digital visitors. Bluefish can help you with your recruitment process and schedule interviews in your calendar, qualify leads, and put them into your CRM and does everything a human executive would do, but better.

Unified control with CMS

Unified control with CMS.

Our Central Management System gives you total control over your Chatbots, and you can easily assign, manage and monitor them from one central command center. In addition, the intuitive interface makes it easy to see how each bot is performing as well as automate certain actions to occur when specific events are triggered - making your life easier!

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NLP for Engagement

Your customer would want to feel like you know them personally, that they’re being heard and that an actual person is answering their questions. Our Natural language processing-enabled chatbots create personalized conversations between your brand and your customers, resulting in deeper engagement and greater customer loyalty.

Customer Onboarding

Lose a customer? Never.

Lack of timely response can lead to a frustrated customer and increase the chance of losing them. Bluefish can simultaneously handle a multitude of requests, instantly providing world-class support in the preferred language of each customer. And that’s not everything! Bluefish identify trends and patterns in your customer issues and gives you actionable insights to better your business.

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