Mobile BI Dashboard: Data-Driven Approach to CEOs for Express Decision Making

June 7, 2017

Anand Kannan


CEOs are the key decision makers, and collecting reports from multiple locations and departments on a day-to-day basis creates them a real headache and slows down the company growth, as most of their valuable time is spent on consuming reports. Enabling CEOs and business heads, leads with real-time data on-the-go is the wise move to expedite decision making and company growth.

Here are the top challenges every CEO faces when dealing with routine reports collections.
  • Collecting data, metrics from far-flung corners of organization
  • Spending more time on chasing reports
  • Disparate data sources
  • No centralized data repository
  • Lack of actual data, metrics
  • Lack real-time business insights
  • Sluggish business performance, decision making
  • Inability to access data 24/7

Modern businesses can never be confined under physical boundaries and as an organization’s CEO, travels across different locations is inevitable. Accessing business data, insights during travels and client meetings can add salt to the injury of your business lead.

Here’s why mobile BI’dashboard and analytics for an organization improve decision making and business performance.

According to a latest report from Forbes, growth in revenues and increased competitive advantage are the two of the top three priorities small and medium businesses are investing in analytics and BI to attain.

Courtesy: Forbes

It’s true that most business heads, managers, leads are adopting mobile BI for improving their decision making using advanced business insights.

Expediting your business decisions with Impiger’s ImPower BI Solution.

Why ImPower BI Solution?

With Impiger’s mobile dashboard solution (ImPower BI), C-level executives can get rid of the headaches as it offers complete data and metrics to them in one place, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Here are the top advantages our solution offers to C-level executives:

  • Intuitive, interactive dashboards
  • Real-time business insights
  • Data-driven approach
  • Express decision making
  • Better collaboration and communication
  • Easy-to-digest data through visual charts, graphs and gauges
  • Access controls, data filters
  • Customizable buttons, notifications
  • Seamless integration with other databases

Simply put, our solution can enable CEOs access business data seamless wherever they are without breaking a sweat. Simplify decision making with interactive visual business data and start accelerating your business performance, growth.

Don’t know how to get started with? We can help you!

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