Establish a culture of trust between your customers and institution. 

vChat Materializes Business Potential

Control Crises


“I need to know my assets are secure.”

Advise Clients


“Which plan is best for me?"

Estimate Price


“Can you give me an accurate quote?”

Manage Accounts


“My personal information has changed.”

BFSI chatbots cultivate a sense of confidence among clients of your organization.


Banking Bot


Insurance Bot


Rapid Turnaround

vChat dramatically accelerates financial services processes like loan approvals or settlement claims. Automation of information collection and evaluation gives clients the benefit of quicker payments and approvals.

Convenient and Accessible

vChat goes beyond simple query resolution. It can also help customers with money management tasks, like checking account balances, transferring funds, and making payments. Clients enjoy real-time, around-the-clock coverage.

Streamlined Experience

vChat connects with potential and existing clients through familiar channels, like social media messenger platforms. Flexible integration creates a consistent and professional experience, even with large contact volume. Chatbots can also pass clients off to human agents when needed, whether to handle a complex inquiry or follow up on a qualified lead.


Faster Approvals

The Bluefish chatbot can speed up loan approvals significantly by automating the application process, quickly determining the customer’s eligibility for a loan, and making the process more convenient. Just a few questions to answer, a quick credit score check, and approval in seconds.

Quick Settlements

The Bluefish chatbot speeds up the process of settlement claims drastically. The bot can collect information from the claimant, assess the claim’s validity, and process the payment, all in just a matter of a few seconds.

Instant Services

The Bluefish chatbot can not only help resolve simple queries but can also help customers with money management tasks such as checking account balances, transferring money, and making payments. Better customer service – around the clock.

Better Leads

The Bluefish chatbot can streamline the lead generation process and help connect with your prospects through social media and messenger platforms. Qualified leads for your sales team – every day of the week.

Unmatched Support

The Bluefish chatbot is available 24/7, which means that your customers can get help whenever they need it. The Bluefish chatbot can handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously, in their preferred language, enhancing overall customer experience with every conversation.

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