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How a Leading Security Products Manufacturer Improved Their Performance and Operational Efficiency with the Right Quality Assurance Approach

Introduction A global remote gate access control manufacturer based in the United States embarked on a transformative journey to improve customer satisfaction by making the process of connecting visitors and property owners more efficient. With multiple products and complex systems involved, a customized quality and assurance approach was required to make connectivity much more reliable…

Digital Accessibility & Compliance Services

Digital Accessibility & Compliance Services

Know more about our ADA services and build an inclusive community without any barriers. Every day, the necessity for organizations to make their websites and apps widely accessible to everyone grows stronger. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) came into effect to ensure equal opportunities for all. This law protects the rights of…

Risks of not having an ADA-compliant website

What are the risks of not having an ADA-compliant website?

ADA-compliant websites provide fair access to persons with disabilities and protect your company from any legal ramifications that may arise due to non-compliance.    97.4% of the top one million websites on the internet do not provide complete accessibility.  If your website serves a general audience, ADA compliance or an accessible website is essential. It can…

Lifecycle Biotechnologies case study

Lifecycle Biotechnologies

Lifecycle Biotechnologies are “the beginning of the lifecycle of the lifesaving and life-enhancing medical products used today”. They take their role as a life sciences tools and service supplier very seriously as they fully understand the critical role their products play in many of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, cell- and tissue-based products…

Practice Advantage case study

Practice Advantage

Practice Advantage is a startup targeting health care industries, providing them with business intelligence and workflow automation software. The Challenge Practice advantage wanted to build an integrated solution for dental health clinics that solved several challenges. The business intelligence and workflow applications that Practice Advantage sold to dental clinics were standalone, needed to be configured…

wasp case study


Wedge Advanced Software Product, a world leader in barcode software, manufactures and sells asset management systems and software that can track multi-quantity assets through barcodes. It took a lot of effort to customize and support their systems. Eleviant created a WASP mobile asset tracking application to ease managing and tracking the fixed inventories and assets.

squaredsky case study


About Squaredsky SquaredSky is a web app that allows you to access all your favorite websites in one easy-to-use hub. Users can organize websites based on categories, based on inspiration, or based on anything else they like without the need of tabs and search bars. With SquaredSky, users can check all of their favorite content…

A Famous Restaurant Chain Attains 90% ADA Compliance

A high-end restaurant chain was amid a legal crisis due to limited online options on their web assets for the disabled population, contradicting ADA regulations. Eleviant assessed the technical infrastructure of the client’s website with respect to ADA compliance and helped them leap to 90% adherence from the previous 74%.

ada website compliance

How you could make the world a better place with ADA Website Compliance?

What is the ADA? If you were to do a random search on what ADA means, you’d probably see quite a few options. But the acronym we’re talking about is the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA (or the Americans with Disabilities Act) is an American law that requires private businesses to adhere to certain…