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Webinar Notes: Is Your Mobile App ‘Really’ Ready For Customers?

Steep demand by customers and the technology zeitgeist of our times have forced organizations to launch their product quickly before a competitor takes the first spot on the customers mobile phone. The ‘wild west’ nature of the market can stunt organizations into releasing a product that is not ready for the customer. Without a proper…

5 Least Followed Best Practices In Mobile App Testing

1. Security Checking the app for any and all sorts of vulnerabilities that can leak sensitive data to malicious algorithms is priority number one, no exceptions. The app must be tested at every incremental stage of its development and on as many actual devices as possible and device simulators used only for unavailable devices.Other factors…

The State Of Affairs In Mobile Test Automation 2015

The numbers that surround the mobile app development industry are simply astounding. The fact that most of the world’s population has a mobile subscription of some kind and 22% of them are smartphone users is mind-boggling! Let us look at some more numbers: ‘ Over 100 billion apps are downloaded each year‘ The iOS ecosystem…