How are Mobile Apps reducing the adverse impact of the COVID-19 crisis?

November 16, 2020


How are Mobile Apps reducing the adverse impact of the COVID-19 crisis?

A brief flashback to the past seven months of 2020! An unforeseen, unwelcomed guest marked an arrival into our lives. Yes, the Coronavirus! The virus spread like wildfire, and almost every country around the world witnessed an adverse impact. Social distancing norms were introduced, and a lockdown came into effect in most nations. It has been about eleven months since COVID-19 first made an appearance, and we are still battling the pandemic. A staggering number of people have already been infected.

The COVID-19 crisis has not just acted as a health disaster. It has also messed up with our general proclivity. Many of us, in the past months, got home-bound. All our usual activities, such as eating out, shopping, exercising, and traveling, came to a halt. Although the virus is gradually becoming a part of a redefined normalcy, there is a long way to revival ahead.

Some of the most reliable warriors in our battle against COVID-19 are mobile apps. In the dark times, mobile apps and modern communication technology acted as a silver lining. Most mobile app development companies, including Eleviant Technologies, agree that the mobile apps have aided in lowering the Corona turmoil.

“Statista, in its research on mobile app usage amidst the COVID-19 scenario, found a year-on-year rise of 60 percent for many app verticals such as fitness, health, and entertainment.”

Let us delve into understanding some of the prominent ways in which different mobile app verticals help lessen the adversities of the COVID-19 crisis.

Contact tracing apps simplifying the administration process for health authorities

In many parts of the world, the government has found immense support from mobile apps to bring the COVID-19 situation under control. Contact tracing apps are a popular medium recommended by many health authorities. These apps help to derive the personal health status of every individual in any given area. It is helpful for health workers to keep a tab of app users who might have come in contact with an infected person. The apps are quite user-friendly and are handy in getting COVID-19 updates in any location.

IoT-based apps making remote health monitoring possible for medical professionals

As the number of infected cases is surmounting, it is difficult to accommodate every patient in hospitals. Many patients with mild symptoms are quarantined inside their homes. Medical professionals are relying on IoT-based apps and devices to keep a check on such patients. Doctors can easily access regular updates of the health vitals of such patients. Remote monitoring of patients also lowers the risk of infection for the medical staff.

Blessing of communication apps to sustain the remote working system

Several business enterprises have employed the “work from home” system for their workforce during this era of social distancing. Remote working is viable because of the robust communication apps available today. Collaboration apps and remote desktop apps like Slack, Teams, Zoom, TeamViewer, and Skype have made it simpler for entities to manage their employees. The amenity of communicating anytime, anywhere during the corona times is the best part of communication apps.

Virtual gym trainers in the form of fitness apps

The corona wave led to the closure of gyms and parks, which disappointed many fitness enthusiasts. However, some top fitness apps aptly fit into the shoes of your regular gym trainers. They made it practical for many of us to continue efforts towards our health goals. Apps such as Fitbit,, BetterMe, and Aaptiv have become great fitness buddies for us.

Undeterred learning spirit with e-learning apps

The schools and colleges, in most countries, are forced to stay closed due to COVID-19. However, e-learning apps such as Udemy, Coursera, Google Classroom, and many others became our teachers. Educational institutions are using video conferencing and e-learning apps to conduct virtual classrooms for students. A lot of people are using e-learning apps to make productive use of free time inside their homes to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Food delivery apps satiating our food cravings

Due to the courtesy of COVID-19, food lovers may not have the chance to pay a visit to their favorite restaurants and cafés. But, the food from those places can surely come to their homes. Food delivery apps saw a sizeable rise in demand. Uber Eats, DoorDash, and GrubHub are among the many apps used for relishing much-loved cuisines inside our homes.

Regular purchases made manageable with online shopping apps and e-wallets!

Many conventional shopping centers and malls were closed for a long time. Grocery and e-commerce apps have left no stones unturned to ensure their users have their essentials stocked up during the lockdown phase. People could shop for almost anything and everything through online shopping apps. Even after the lockdown norms have ended, people resort to e-commerce apps such as Amazon and Instacart for their needs. On top of the shopping apps, e-wallet applications, PayPal and Google Pay, have also enabled secure and easy digital payments.

Entertainment within your home’s comfort with video streaming apps

Video streaming apps saw a boom in their demand during the entire tenure of the pandemic so far. Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime became the most used source for entertainment. People are using streaming apps to binge on different shows. These apps have made the corona crisis a little more bearable. As per the study by App Annie, 20 percent of media streaming apps’ revenue got generated due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Messaging and Social media apps are keeping your bonds intact

During the lockdown, most people were staying away from their families. They were also unable to meet their friends. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp have become the reliable mediums to communicate with dear ones. These apps are providing solace to many lonely, home-bound souls. The virtual communication remains unhampered and brings hope to people in these troubling times.

Mobile apps leading the way towards better times!

The analysis of the myriad verticals leads to the conclusion that the mobile app industry has largely helped people to endure the health turmoil. Some app segments, such as apps for travel reservations and cab rental apps, struggle due to the restrictions. But, the overall impact on the mobile app industry of the COVID-19 pandemic is brighter than anticipated.

Eleviant Tech keeps contributing to improving the lives of app users with the development of iconic mobile apps. We look forward to the opportunity to serve more entities with the deployment of superior mobile applications for their diverse needs.

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