3 Critical Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App for Soaring Growth

May 30, 2017

Anand Kannan


If you’ve analyzed the success rates of leading restaurants you’d be surprised to see 3 things in common: they attract, engage and manage customers effectively. How do they bridge the gap between customers and business? What top restaurant heads/managers do differently to stay ahead? If these are questions creating headaches for your restaurant’s CEO or business managers, then this post is exclusively for you.

Let’s divide the discussion into two parts: (1) why mobile app is indispensable for restaurant business, and (2) how it can help your business grow rapidly.

Why your restaurant business needs a mobile app?

The answer is obvious. If you really want to increase your customer inflows, including mobility as part of your business strategy is the best way out today. A popular research group Statista claims that worldwide mobile app generated revenue by mobile application enabled companies in 2016 is 88.3 billion USD and this would escalate to a whopping 188.9 billion USD by 2020.

As customers rely on mobile internet, the need for the restaurants to focus on mobile apps for attracting customers is imperative. Nevertheless, getting the business app developed by a seasoned mobile app development company with years of experience is critical for extracting the fullest benefits of your application.

How mobile apps can help your business grow rapidly?

Mobile app advantage over responsive website

Customers want it fast and poor accessibility to your business products/services can force them quit your site in no time. Remember, a customer exiting your website with frustration will never visit it again. Most customers accessing your website through different devices, browsers experience the above-discussed problem frequently. The performance of your restaurant’s website mayn’t be seamless across all the browsers and this leads to potential customer loss.

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On the other hand, if your restaurant offers a mobile app to order or access your services, they’ll have a uniform access to all your products/services across all devices and this enables them to perform the actions without breaking’ a sweat. With this approach, your business can double the orders and customer inflows in no time.

Attack and attract customers with seamless app reservations

Your customers can book a table and order foods using the business application within the premises of your restaurant even before they reach. This saves a lot of time for the customers as they have a thorough idea on availability of tables and foods available. You can utilize push notifications feature to lure your customers with daily deals, special combos etc. for improved visits.

For your business, you can get rid of the paper-based process of reservations and orders. You can get the booked table and orders ready before the customer checks in to impress them convincingly. Offer amazing experience to visitors in addition to saving time and money.

Engage with customers and let them do the marketing for you!

Most visitors love to hear from customers who have already utilized the services/products of your business. As your mobile application offers special features like sharing photos, videos of food delivered, infrastructure, cleanliness, services, product quality, your customers can market your brand to users from different locations planning for a visit.

The above discussion focuses only on highlighting the key reasons of using a mobile app for your business, and there are surplus ways apps can help your business grow staggeringly.

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