Why Mobile Apps Are Imperative for Small Business to Maximize Productivity?

March 31, 2017

Anand Kannan


Mobile-friendly websites will no longer’ serve the purpose for small businesses. To stay competitive in the market and to connect with customers on-the-go, mobile applications are imperative. Unfortunately, 60-70% of small business owners fail to tap on the underlying potential benefits of mobile applications.

Mobile apps aren’t solely developed for top brands and large enterprises. Even small businesses can utilize the latest advancement to transform their business needs and make it to the next level. Most small enterprises fear investing in mobile apps for their businesses due to lack of expertise, resources or budget.

Before getting started, though mobile app is a must-have for every business today, it is critical to identify whether your business needs of a mobile app now! If your answer is YES, continue to the next section.

Small businesses utilizing mobile apps experience substantial growth claims top research reports. 

Different surveys, reports by top research groups on mobile app utilized by businesses reveal:

  • By 2017, mobile apps for sales team might grow by 140%.
  • 52% of businesses include mobile chat in their marketing plans.
  • Top sales teams are 2.9x more likely to rate mobile sales capabilities as outstanding
  • High performing small businesses are 1.3x more likely use sales analytics.
  • Top small business sales teams are 2.2x more likely to be using sales.
  • 20% of small business markets use marketing automation as of now and another 29% will start using within next 12 months (143% growth).
  • 62% of small business marketers plan to increase spending on marketing automation.

Why mobile app can enhance productivity and growth of small business?

  • Influences customers worldwide in no time:

For any startups, reaching a wide range of audiences across different demographics is often expensive and requires massive efforts. With the inclusion of mobile applications, they can completely transform the scenario by enabling SMEs to engage customers with their businesses quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Engages with audiences 24/7 & converts visitors to loyal customers:

With mobile users spending at least two-thirds of their times on mobile devices, staying tuned with users through a mobile app is a great idea to improve sales.

Mobile devices are consumed for at least 2’3 hours by users daily and reports confirm that. Having the application across accessing path increases the possibility of creating awareness of your business app.

  • Aligns with’evolving customer search techniques:

Reports claim that customers are utilizing mobile search techniques to consume the products/services of their choices, and providing what they want through your business applications will enhance the sales cycle by leaps and bounds.

  • Improves customer services:

Customers want it fast. Connect with users through applications to resolve their queries on products/services anytime, anywhere; this creates trust and leads to better engagement, sales.

Mobile is a powerful tool for small businesses as it can enable your brand to continuously engage with customers 24/7 resulting in amazing sales.

Build a mobile app that makes difference for your business and start connecting with customers 24/7 for improved business ROI and growth.

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