Why Should You Extend ERP to Mobile?

December 15, 2012

Impiger Technologies


The high penetration of smartphones and tablets in senior management, increase in mobile workforce and rise in expectations of users, shareholders and partners; are all driving adoption of Mobile ERP.

Workforce going mobile

As 75% of the workforce is going to be mobile by the end of 2013, providing them access to actionable information on their smartphones is critical to success. Having data at their finger tips helps build better relationships with partners, provide accurate and timely data back to the office and collaboration with vendors. For example, access to inventory, order and shipping status; route tasks and work item alerts, all help on-field professionals be more productive.

Competitive Differentiator

Mobile ERP is already a competitive differentiator as you can see in this Aberdeen Group ERP Survey, 2012

In a unique business environment where speed, collaboration and visibility are critical to success, extending ERP to mobile is the way to deal with competition. And grow the business.

Better ROI on ERP

The massive investment on traditional web-based ERP is only pushing companies to extend the same to mobile to gain a better ROI. And in tough market conditions, it offers scope for increasing profits.

Speed of reaction

Senior management is away from the desk most times and a quick access to real-time data really helps. The speed at which business insight can be extracted from data determines the success in building a competitive edge. And in a disruptive age, companies can’t afford to be slow in their reaction to market trends. And therein lies the promise of Mobile ERP.

Real time business insight

Timely insight into business information is critical for managers to resolve customer issues, create better supply chain and vendor management, get status on orders, sales, inventory and delivery. Realtime data on stocks helps manage inventory levels and improve production efficiencies.

Rising customer expectations

Users today expect quick access to information anytime. The penetration of smartphones, expansion of mobile broadband networks and use of mobile applications, has fueled the demand for better service from organizations. This offers companies an opportunity to develop mobile extensions for their audience.

Low ERP usage

A challenge currently faced by many organizations using ERP is lack of companywide adoption. The complexity, expensive trainings and cumbersome usage have been hurdles. ERP on mobiles creates opportunities for wider usage of ERP mainly due to its utility, ease of use, any time access and quick insight into data.

Would you like to go mobile with ERP?

A good development partner is necessary for extending ERP to smartphones and tablets. Impiger Mobile has worked with ERP, CRM and BI partners to enable the data or IT processes on to smartphones and tablets, seamlessly and securely.

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