Top Enterprise Project Management Challenges and Cloud Solution

April 27, 2017

Anand Kannan


Every day project-based enterprises are bombarded with multiple challenges. Three most common challenges that keep the enterprises under check are need for agility, collaboration, and effectiveness.

The challenges arise’of 3 reasons:

  • limited skilled resources
  • lack of ability to manage projects
  • poor visibility to data

Let’s dive deep into each reason and unearth the underlying potential threats to realize why project-based enterprises need to include the Cloud project management solution for business success.


Limited skilled resources:

Organizations with limited resources will be unsuccessful in delivering projects on-time. With a handful of resources available, allocating projects and getting delivered within the stipulated timeline can be detrimental. Besides, utilizing the resources to the fullest is a challenge and this could lead to potential loss of customers.


Lack of ability to manage projects:

Poor planning and changing priorities result in troublesome project execution and this often leads to unhappy customers.


Poor visibility to data:

With such system in place, enterprises often have hard time in tracking and managing project costs. Even meeting the delivery timelines can be a huge threat.


All these challenges lead to:

  • Increased costs
  • Unhappy customers
  • Low margin profit

Aberdeen Group, a renowned research group, in their extensive survey has claimed that simple and hassle-free way to overcome these challenges is enabling enterprises becoming more collaborative, agile and effective.

Implementing a technology that enables the enterprises to impact communication, agility and effectiveness is recommended. And the Cloud project management best fits the business needs.


Advantages of Cloud management for project-based companies:

  • Employees can access data from anywhere, anytime
  • Workforce across different geo locations can view same data
  • Team members can work on multiple projects
  • Team managers can access up-to-date information
  • Decision makers can make quick decisions
  • Central visibility to workloads to improve efficiency
  • Improved collaboration
  • On time project delivery
  • Reduced costs and workloads
  • Satisfied customers

Organizations implemented the Cloud management solution as part of their growth strategy have experienced 9% improvement compared to those without such system in place. In short, Cloud solutions connect team and improves project ROI.

Are you interested? Mitigate your project management challenges with the Cloud solution.

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