Business Challenges and Benefits ‘ with and without ‘ Cloud Project Management

May 11, 2017

Anand Kannan


Organizations adopting the robust Cloud platform and tools have experienced more than 10% of growth compared to those without the tool. So, including the Cloud project management tools as part of your business strategy can help your business accelerate success and profits at minimal expenses.

Aberdeen Group in a recent survey has reported that organizations adopting the Cloud project management solutions have increased significantly.

Besides, the Cloud adoption is flourishing and it’s time to embrace the next-gen solutions to put aside high costs associated with infrastructure and hardware for substantial profits.

Let’s dive deep into details by comparing the advantages for businesses including the Cloud project management tools as part of their strategy and businesses that don’t.

Sl. No.Challenges Without Cloud Project Management for BusinessesBenefits with Cloud Project Management for Businesses
1.Unorganized project plans, resource allocationsImproved project plans, resource allocation
2.Contention for limited resourcesUtilize fullest potential of resources
3.Inefficient use of project resourcesEfficient project resource allocation
4.Missing deadlinesMeeting deadlines
5.Spare data management/Inaccurate project reportingMeticulous project reporting/accurate data
6.More room for manual errorsFully automated with zero errors
7.Changing project prioritiesStreamlined project priorities
8.Trouble in keeping track of costs, project deadlinesSimple to track costs, project deadlines
9.Lack of defined project plansPerfect and well planned projects
10.Increased costs, smaller profitsReduced costs, improved profits
11.Delayed time to decisionQuick and smart decision making
12.Difficulty in employee communicationSeamless, effective employee communication
13.Low profit marginsHigh profits
14.Unhappy customersHighly satisfied customers

These aren’t the only challenges and benefits, practically there are many. But here I wanted to showcase only the top challenges and benefits that most enterprises experience.

Get your business up and running with state-of-the-art Cloud project management solution and accelerate your business growth.

Interested? We can help your business include the Cloud strategy and experience better growth. Let’s talk.

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