5 Advantages of Offering Personalized Web Content to Your Visitors

April 26, 2017

Anand Kannan


Having a business website is a great idea but generating revenue out of the same mayn’t be that easy. For those who believe in making minor changes in the website designs can improve revenue, the result could be the exact opposite.

From the above discussion, it is prudent that business websites need to be personalized to ensure substantial business growth.

How to create overall engaging web experience for every visitor interacting with your website?

This is the question that most entrepreneurs would like to ask as personalization is a magical term in business world today which can help your business website reach out more audiences and connect seamlessly with them.

Personalization: it is all about creating a website displaying only content that matches with every user expectation. Simply put, with the advanced techniques, it is easier to create a website that displays content exclusively for every visitor.

Before getting started with how to accomplish the web personalization strategy, it is imperative to realize the advantages of web personalization.

5 Advantages of personalizing your web content to convince visitors.

  • Better understanding visitors:

THE best way to improve conversions of your website is understanding your every visitor’s preferences to the core. Studying customer behavior is a complicated task and can be time consuming for marketers. Having a deep understanding of your customer behavior based on their navigations, interactions with site during previous instances would help in converting unknown visitors to potential customers.

  • Building customer persona:

Creating a persona and profile for each visitor helps in engaging across different channels. The profile and persona can enable marketers to display content that aligns exactly with customer goals. This helps your visitors interacting with the website stay longer on every page and this reduces bounce rate.

  • Improving conversions:

Ultimately the website is all about improving conversions. With personalized approach toward visitors, you can make the visitors strike an affinity with the brand and it boosts the confidence of users to perform a transaction on your website.

  • Ensuring customer happiness:

Offering your customers only with what exactly they look out for ensures their happiness and motivates them to choose your website’s services/products over others. A happy visitor becomes a loyal customer sooner and the same approach can improve your business growth and clientele.

  • Increasing revenue:

Offering your visitors with services/products matching to their preferences will strengthen their bonding to your website. This subsequently leads to sales. More sales leads to enhanced revenue and accelerated growth.

How to personalize? Is there any single platform that can help create such a website? Yes. There is.

With Sitecore Experience Platform it is seamless to create a personalized website that delivers the best-in-class user experience to visitors.

Personalize your web content and improve ROI with minimal marketing efforts by investing in Sitecore Experience Platform.

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