4 Success Factors for Optimizing Customer Experience with Sitecore DMS

March 23, 2017

Anand Kannan


Digital marketing landscape is evolving fast and every day marketers must perform variety of activities to meet business objectives. Every marketing spend must be analyzed and vindicated; so, investing in the right marketing platform/tools is critical for marketers to ensure success.

Delivering seamless customer experience is what every marketer strives hard for, but executing marketing strategies using disparate marketing tools and software is tough. Reports reveal marketers utilize more than 5-6 tools for a single campaign and this requires double the efforts to manage the tools alone!

Taking full advantage of Sitecore DMS

Tools like Sitecore marketing suite are exorbitant but the single platform can enable marketers to perform multitude of activities effectively.

Top research reports unveil most businesses pay big bucks for Sitecore license, yet extract only 10% of its full capabilities. So, it should be the goal of marketers to utilize the capabilities completely to ensure effective and successful marketing campaigns.

Top capabilities to be utilized by most marketers include:

  • Content management
  • Site personalization
  • Analytics tracking
  • Multivariate A/B testing

Find out how leveraging the Sitecore’s DMS capabilities can optimize customer experience and transform your business.

  1. Personalizing content for every individual user interacting with site

Sitecore empowers the marketers by displaying only the relevant content optimized for every customer in real-time. This can help any marketing team to convert the visitors to potential customers fast.

  1. Collecting user data and tracking behavior using Sitecore DMS

User data can be captured through web forms, e-mail, whitepaper signups, or PDF downloads. The DMS enables the marketers to track the visitors based on their demography, gender, and preferences through behavior history.

  1. Utilizing advanced Sitecore analytics

Compared to other tools, Sitecore’s advanced analytics capability ensures marketers to aggregate data at the individual user level. With such a system in place, marketing team can easily generate insights on how users interact with the site.

  1. Performing multivariate A/B testing with Sitecore DMS

This is a highlight feature which enables marketers to perform multivariate testing using different site configurations. It requires no technical skills and any marketer can perform the changes by keeping the content in one convenient place to avoid time delay and multiple resources working on same program.

From the discussion above it is evident that the DMS is a powerful marketing platform for modern day marketers. Give your business the Sitecore edge to beat the competition and supercharge your business growth.

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