Resources Author: Travis McCallum

How Often Should You Update A Mobile App?

Mobile apps development have become an essential tool for engaging with customers and driving sales for many businesses. But with new app releases and updates coming out every day, how often is it too often to update your app to keep it in the market? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer with a fixed timeline…

RPA invoice automation ebook

An Introduction to Invoice Automation

What’s in the ebook? With thousands of invoices to process in any given day, accounts payable is drowning in repetitive work. Now you have the opportunity to optimize your processes with the power of automation. Inside this ebook you’ll find: A step-by-step guide to automate your invoice processing The history and evolution of the emerging…

Cloud Project Management

Cloud Project Management Report : Connect Teams And Data To Enhance Project ROI

The Aberdeen Group performed a detailed study on many organizations and evaluated the need for the cloud solutions for project management, and reasons influencing project ROI. The free report necessitates the significance of implementing the cloud solution for project management to enable organizations to experience more collaborative, agile and effective process, in addition to other…

Chatbots: A Central Knowledge Base For Customers and Employees

Chatbots: A Central Knowledge Base For Customers and Employees

Businesses have a lot of data in their company. Having a central place to access it for both internal and external stakeholders is crucial to productivity. Without it, both employees and customers will be wasting precious time sifting through information to find relevant answers for their specific needs. Knowledge management is an multidisciplinary approach to…

digital workplace for logistics industry

Digital Workplace: The Self-service Hub of Modern Logistics Operations

The global Logistics market was valued at USD 919.12 billion in 2020. The Transport & Logistics Industry’s pace of revenue growth in Q1 2021 accelerated to 21.49 % YoY, reaching a new industry high. In the Transport and Logistics industry, it is essential that both desk workers and field workers are in absolute communication with…

ai customer service chatbot

How Can Humans and AI Collaborate to Improve Customer Service?

Managing customer relations at scale can be taxing on your resources, doubly so if that expectation is needed around the clock. Customer experience is a hot topic these days as brands try to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  To retain loyalty, companies are looking for solutions to augment their existing customer teams while seeking innovative…