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NFT Brand Collective, a collaboration between Eleviant and Map & Fire, released its first AI-Generated Brand Logos.

July 1, 2022

NFT Brand Collective, a collaboration between Eleviant and Map & Fire, released its first AI-Generated Brand Logos.

Eleviant and Map & Fire have joined hands to develop The NFT Brand Collective, a first-of-its-kind AI-generated NFT brand logo directory, which has designed an AI/machine learning model to explore how a machine might generate its own brand – sans explicit human direction. The NFT Brand Collective dropped a limited collection of 32 unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) through OpenSea on June 23, 2022.

The NFT Brand Collective looks at the idea of what would happen if a machine generated a brand identity on its own.

Almost every business uses artificial intelligence. Now, experts think that AI technology can also help with things that come naturally to humans, like creativity. People also think that AI can come up with creative ideas on its own.

The NFT Brand Collective’s approach is innovative. This model takes information from the real world and uses it to produce its own creative output instead of telling a computer to “make a logo that looks like a mountain.” Using hundreds of existing, real-world brand logos, the model is trained for logo development. Based on this information, it can produce entirely new logos that represent particular sectors artistically. Similar to how original taglines are created, real-world brand messaging collections are fed into a GPT-3 messaging model. In short, the machine develops its own brand features using its own brand of creativity.

The findings inspire the debate about a future in which people would ask machines to not only assist in improving current enterprises but also to come up with brand-new ones based on what they observe in the real world.

Eleviant, a digital transformation company, in association with the branding firm Map & Fire, has facilitated the founding of the NFT Brand Collective. Eleviant offers a wide range of Digital Transformation Services, including Cloud, Mobile, Automation, and Web3 technologies, to help its clients scale and elevate their businesses. Map & Fire helps firms ignite new growth by combining brand strategy, research, and marketing data in a unique way.

People can still talk about what kinds of creative work require human effort and what machines can do on their own. But for people and machines to work together better in the future, machines now have the same chances as people to come up with their own ideas.

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