Top 5 Customer Experience Management Problems and Solution

May 10, 2017

Anand Kannan

Top 5 Customer Experience Management Problems and Solution

Customer Experience Management, abbreviated as CEM, is a critical element for both online and brick-and-motor businesses. Nevertheless, online businesses have to emphasize more on persuading customers to upsell or cross-sell their products without breaking a sweat. But, CEM is never easy. It requires massive research, analysis and data to win customers and retain them. You’ll also need an in-depth digital transformation consulting from an experienced digital transformation solution provider.

What is customer experience management?

CEM’s definition varies from one person to other. Gartner defines customer experience management (CEM) as ‘the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy (sic).’ This definition is the closest of all as it apparently reveals what businesses must strategize and accomplish.

Why do we need CEM?

Customers are the real business drivers and no business can flourish without customers. Giving your customers best possible solutions using raving technologies and tools is the best opportunity to create a competitive advantage in the market.

Given the paramount importance of CEM, I have compiled below 5 top challenges and solution to overcome.

Understanding unique customer requirements

Challenge: This is critical as every customer has a unique need and without a thorough knowledge, your business can’t offer a product/service that is in line with customer preferences.

Solution: Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) powered with robust tools is a wonderful choice for marketers as it empowers them with complete customer data based on their previous visits.

Lack of customer insights

Challenge: Accumulating insights on customer behavior and studying their interactions on your website is never easy and consumes a lot of time. Nevertheless, highly critical for your business success and customer conversions.

Solution: Sitecore offers marketers with advanced analytics using which amassing the complete customer interactions is seamless and you can create campaigns based on the insights to win customers effortlessly.

Consistent customer engagement

Challenge: Offering unique content to each customer can be grueling and requires massive efforts to create consistent customer engagement with the same.

Solution: ‘Sitecore XP offers marketers some futuristic features to read, study customer behavior, collect data without breaking a sweat for offering them fitting campaigns that delivers maximum results.

Marketing across multiple platforms, devices

Challenge: Reaching out customers across every possible platform is critical and integrating your website with popular different platforms, devices improves your marketing performance.

Solution: Sitecore XP when leveraged fully can help businesses create a multichannel experience to users trying to interact with your website through different modes of communication. Provide them a connected experience across all possible communication channels to improve customer retention.

Lack of advanced tools and technologies

Challenge: Personalizing website with different third party tools is difficult and integrating together to get the combined outputs can be troublesome. Managing the distinct tools involves too much of time and utilizing a platform that is easy and seamless to improve personalization.

Solution: Sitecore XP comprises the complete set of tools and techniques critical for website personalization at centralized space. Leveraging the features and integrating with other third parry tools is never hard as the robust platform is highly flexible, scalable and futuristic. Save lots of time and simplify the process of personalization to encourage better and deeper customer engagement.

The above discussion apparently reveals utilizing Sitecore for your business can mitigate the customer experience management challenges and improve your business visibility, clientele.

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