The fundamentals of identifying an ideal app development partner

August 11, 2022

Renita Joan

The fundamentals of identifying an ideal app development partner

Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert app development partner to create and maintain your mobile apps while you can focus on the core business operations and add more value to customers?  

Building a mobile application with rich user experience is, more than ever, a must-do for every company. Selecting the right app development partner is critical if you want to create an app that attracts and retains users. Choosing a development partner is not a decision to be taken lightly, though. After all, this partner will be working with you to turn your ideas into reality, impacting business and delivery. You’ll need to identify a partner with whom you can collaborate successfully, someone with a lot of development expertise and know-how to create a tailored app according to your specifications.  

If you already have an app development partner, congratulations! We hope you have considered these points we have listed below.  

Why? Engaging an app development partner is risky business. It would be ideal if you have done enough market research before choosing, or switching, to a new app development partner. One of the most effective ways to conduct research is to look at the market reviews provided for each App development company. Customer feedback is also always a persuasive metric you can rely on.    

To make things simple, take a look at the major elements we have compiled for you to consider. They include service quality, user interface, and security, amongst other things.  

Maybe you already have a brilliant development partner, but you need to be aware of all the facets of this tricky engagement, and use all data at hand to make informed decisions.

While considering a new development partner or shifting from one mobile app development service to another, you must consider a few major points. The first and most significant factor in selecting an efficient partner lies in analyzing previous projects. Your current or prospective development partner should have experience in both native and hybrid application development across at least the major mobile OS platforms such as Android and iOS. They need to have demonstrable experience in on-time project completion and delivery. 

Why do you need to analyze all of this? Because it’s not enough to design an app just for a single platform, if your consumers are from all over the world, you will need to support both Android and iOS. Android users account for approximately 78 % of the market share, while iOS users account for roughly 19 % of the market share, with the remaining shareholders coming from various other operating systems. Ensuring your developer offers you an app that supports both Android and iOS at the very least, would be a prudent move to capture maximum market share.  

Once you have decided on the app platform (Android/ iOS), you can choose native, or cross-platform for later maintenance and development. Native applications are ideal if you want to provide a rich user experience and performance. Cross-platform apps, which use the same code base for both iOS and Android, are ideal if you want to build a cost-effective app in a brief time. 

Another crucial consideration as stated above is the company’s expertise. It is necessary to guarantee that the company with whom you will work could develop all the current features and functionality that you desire in your app. Inquire about how they would execute the desired part, as well as other viable options. 

It is equally critical to compare the company’s previous projects by examining each development firm’s portfolio and analyzing options based on the best blend of pricing and experience, which will offer you a clear idea of the result of your project. 

Understandably, it would also help for you to be clear about your requirements so you can see if they align with your development partner’s modus operandi as seen in previous projects. 

Having a clear outline of your requirements can assist you in the seamless creation or upgradation of the mobile app.
Analyze the concept for the app – Know your target market and consumer base – Be clear about your idea and services – And plan your app’s roadmap properly.

And do not forget one of the most essential considerations for any company seeking to develop a mobile app: The development budget. When looking for a development company, you do not have to go with the most expensive option, nor should you go with the cheapest. Acquire a detailed cost estimate from the development company and compare it to the offerings & estimates of other companies. You may see that some functionalities that are of higher importance to you come at a comparatively less cost than another company. Such insights will help you make an informed decision that does not just gravitate around the price but also the value for money.  

That brings us to the next point: Time. Although creating a mobile app takes time, you may need to be patient in your search to obtain the best value for your money. It is necessary to know how long a developer would need to develop an app. The quickest is not necessarily the best though – you may want to see if the development partner offers a clear roadmap and timeline for each module/build phase for absolute transparency in the process. 

Once you have evaluated their app development time, ensure they offer post-delivery service and maintenance as well. Many companies fail in post-delivery support and maintenance, and as a result, they experience performance concerns. Once your app is published in the app store and or the Google play store, you would need a lot of support to ensure bug-free operations and set up periodic maintenance and updates. Preferably you would want to talk to your development partner about ongoing maintenance and support at the time of signing the contract and not after.  

But we are still only skimming the surface – there are several more facets that you need to pay attention to while, or preferably before, engaging an app development partner. 

With attention spans of consumers diving down, offering the best user experience is an absolute necessity in the digital landscape. A well-designed mobile application with consistent user experience can offer several major advantages. The right app developer will ensure your app’s typefaces, style treatments, color palette, padding between data, icon design, navigation and other UX elements are user-friendly and consistent. 

You must be aware that the process follows a defined methodology. While most application development partners allow you to get involved in the methodology discussion to see if agile or waterfall suits your needs best, some of them may not be so transparent. This is important as you may have to decide based on the project’s scale, the specificity of the requirements, the development team’s experience with agile and waterfall approaches, and the project’s deadline. 

Always be aware of the app developer who refuses to be transparent about their operations and your project status. A trustworthy team will show their process flow and update the project status now and then. 

Also, getting your app featured in Apple’s App of the day is one of the more telling aspects of the engagement. Apple’s editorial team selects two iOS apps for people to download. If you are building a B2C app that caters to end consumers, having your app featured on Apple’s App of the Day boosts your download percentage, revenue, and overall rating. Your development partner needs to ensure that your B2C app makes that list. 

As Cloud is now the buzz word in every industry, it would be better to also consider your development partner’s expertise in Cloud-based mobile development. Look for partners who have experience with the latest technology. Cloud-based mobile app development technologies are steering the ship right now. Check to see if your app development company guarantees to build and deliver the best cloud-based software for your company.  

Once you have considered all these, it is incredibly important to understand the level of security they provide: For enterprise mobile apps, Security is of paramount importance. Any conceivable vulnerability can be a huge data risk. Your development team can take a few basic steps to secure your software. Data entry forms in your mobile app should be thoroughly checked to guarantee that no sensitive information is lost. 

Now that you have a detailed idea of how an ideal app development partner would look like, it is equally important to know how they must not function. If you are yet to select a partner, you might not find these unless you collaborate with them. But if your organization is already partnered with an app development partner and you happen to experience any of the below-listed red flags, it is high time you shift or change your partner.  

Few Red flags to be aware of before choosing or changing your app development partner:   

They base their decisions on assumptions: A development team that claims they know what your business requires, how your users act, who your target audience is, or what the ideal solution is a big red flag. While recommendations and possibilities are beneficial, a developer who assumes and does not inquire will lead you down a path that may or may not be profitable.  

They lack communication: A leadership’s lack of communication is typically a mirror of the team, and developers often amplify it. A company’s interactions may be limited to a single point of contact. This is ineffective and frequently fails. All members of the two parties must be able to communicate effectively.  

They drop their quote significantly: Be aware that custom software project developers quote a reasonable price. Therefore, it is a definite red flag if they quote significantly less. It is absolutely less promising to give high standard application including every option.  

They offer impractical assurances: It is a turnoff if a developer “guarantees” that they can send your site skyrocketing up the ranks. We must recognize that guaranteeing particular results within a specific time frame may be impractical. Do not fall for such assurances. 

They neglect client input: Although an app development partner may have trained professionals, this does not eliminate the necessity of a client’s input. And a good developer will always come back to you with possibilities for you to contribute to the development or design of an app. Again, there is success in a collaborative environment.  

They lack a skilled QA team: Testing should occur both during and after the development of an app. A highly skilled QA team ensures that your app is bug-free before it is delivered to your users. Your app may not require complex, extensive testing, but if it does, make sure your development partner can handle it. Or look for one that does. 

They do not follow-up on action items: A good app developer should keep track of the actions assigned to them. They should, more crucially, take the initiative to carry out the same activities. And if they do not, it is time to look for a better app development partner. 

Find a partner that believes in exchanging ideas and assessing requirements throughout the process to determine the best solution and keep them informed about the status of their app until the final product is shaped. It is not just about finding a qualified app developer; it is also important to have a reliable and efficient business partner.  

Ideally, you want a partner that is seeking to build a long-term relationship with you. A successful app emerges out of nowhere. It is the outcome of putting all these things together. If you do not find any of these things with your current partner, consider switching.  

And before switching, talk to our experts for a detailed consultation.  

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