9 Compelling Sitecore Features for Driving Extensive Traffic to Your Business Website

May 4, 2017

Anand Kannan


If you had come across the top brands’ websites like Canon, Toshiba, Mckinsey etc. recently you could have witnessed one thing in common! Yes, they all are built on Sitecore.

What does this infer to? There is something exceptional about Sitecore that enables brands to perform better.

What makes Sitecore a runaway hit in the enterprise arena? If this is the question you’re seeking answer for, then this post is exclusively for you.

Why Sitecore is the explicit choice of most large and top-rated brands?

The revolutionary platform has earned the trust of top-level enterprises for its high flexibility, scalability and advanced security features. The platform brings with it powerful marketing engine alongside the core advantages to create a website that can deliver unparalleled and unique user experience to customers during every visit.

Here I have compiled a few strong features of the leading platform demonstrating why large enterprises rely on the emerging platform for their business success.

Web analytic insights

An enthralling feature of this web content management system (WCMS) is its ability to collect analytics of your website visitors and offer valuable insights for marketers to perform personalized marketing activities. The tool offers excellent customer behavior study analytics based on users’ previous visits and this comes in handy for continued customer experience.

Customer-optimized relevant content

The powerful Sitecore DMS (Digital Marketing Suite) and xDB (Experience Database) enables marketers to study customer behavior, demography, gender, preferences to create unique, relevant content matching to their likes.

Content distribution across different platform and devices

The open architecture and advanced tools like Web Experience Manager, In-Session Personalization, Customer Intelligence can enable businesses to set up campaigns that perform amazingly on different platforms and devices.

Third party tool integration

One of the reasons this platform is widely implemented and relied on is for its ability to innovate and deliver. Yes, you can integrate third party tools to the website without breaking a sweat.

Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tools

The Sitecore DMS is powerfully built using advanced SEO tools like xDB, profile card, user profile, analyticspattern card matching etc. to help you develop a better understanding of your customers to deliver only messages that aligns with their visions.

High scalability

To experience amazing performance and deal with huge volume of web traffic, Sitecore xDB offers 3 different levels of scalability options: Run as standalone environment, Vertical scaling, Horizontal scaling.

Intuitive and user-friendly design

Control what type of content to displayed on a device as the experience platform offers complete control over content display across devices. The adaptive design coupled with some top user-friendly features can help your business deliver rocking user experience.

Multi-site, -lingual management with multivariate testing

You can add up to any number of websites of business operating at different parts of the globe effortlessly and can manage them effectively. Any piece of content written in the native language can be translated to global languages with ease. The performance of the multi-site can be evaluated through multivariate testing. Not many platforms allow for multivariate testing like this reputed platform does.

Social media integration

Sitecore Social Connect is an API with pre-built connectors for building your web connections through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can simply publish your social posts within the platform for better visibility and improved search.

It is evident from the above discussion that the emerging platform has the ability to create unparalleled user experience to visitors through website and top brands realize that.

Now, join the bandwagon of successful websites by transforming your website to a Sitecore one! Interested? Let’s talk.

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