Sitecore Experience Analytics: Knowing Customers Inside Out for Long-Term Customer Relationship

May 24, 2017

Anand Kannan


Successful businesses have to earn the customers’ loyalty for creating deep and long-term relationships, which isn’t easy. To make customers feel special and unique, it requires substantial marketing efforts powered by tons of data.

But, often combining the data in silos is painful and consumes a lot of time. This is where Sitecore comes in handy for marketers.

Well, many business heads breaking their heads with discussions on investing in Sitecore platform have to realize that not many platforms have the ability to perform the way this robust product does!

Of course, it is an exorbitant tool, but remember, with this platform and its some tailor-made features, your business can do more wonders.

Sitecore Experience Analytics is yet again an intelligent capability within the Experience Platform, exclusively aimed at simplifying the marketers’ woes on combining the performance of marketing across multiple channels and customer interaction data.

Why Sitecore Experience Analytics?

This capability of the wonder platform is powered with built-in business intelligence tools and they help in meeting the customers behind the data captured. It’s easy to read their behavior for better marketing endeavors.

Top features of analytics in the Experience Platform.

  • Fascinating dashboard: indicates key metrics and performance indicators.
  • Audience: incorporates data on type of customers, their locations, matching with buyer persona for effective outputs
  • Futuristic traffic acquisition: estimates and provides which type of campaign, digital efforts worked well with keywords
  • Accurate customer behavior: data enables discovering what your customers prefer, what pages they like, what activity they performed etc.
  • Amazing conversion ability: empowers marketers to realize which product/service was efficient and fared better among customers
Creating Engagement Value Within Sitecore

The platform allows for setting up engagement values for customers. Defined as engagement value scale the process helps in defining priority-based goals for each business objective against customers. This is a standout feature that can enable marketers with key metrics for building better digital strategy that converts.

Sitecore Analytics advantage for marketers

Unlike Google Analytics, which focuses only on cumulative data and inferences, Sitecore Analytics with Engagement Value and other unique features powers marketers with real-time customer insights for enhanced customer affinity and success. The Engagement Value not only stops with driving analytics but also drives the testing, personalization features.

Utilizing the above capabilities, it’s seamless to build robust customer relationship with your business.

From the above discussion, it is apparent why enterprises rely on robust platform like Sitecore to accelerate their growth and productivity and better customer relationship.

Existing Sitecore user or new to the industry leading platform? Don’t know how to leverage the fullest of its features, we can help!

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