11 Reasons Why SharePoint Can Accelerate Your Business Efficiency and Growth

March 28, 2017

Anand Kannan


Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is garnering the attention of top businesses across different verticals for 2 good reasons: (1) you can build your website and web-based apps quickly, and (2) you can enhance productivity and drive efficiency remarkably. To realize the underlying potential of the wonder platform, it is critical to discover the challenges and need for SharePoint platform and solutions.

Top challenges for businesses NOT using SharePoint:

  • Hardship in accessing data in local system during crunch times
  • Difficulty in sharing business documents among workforce
  • Chaotic manual report creation
  • Intractable dilemma in accessing files during no network connectivity
  • Finding right file instantly at mission-critical needs
  • Managing and locating data efficiently
  • No centralized storage for data
  • Sending large volume of data from different locations through emails
  • Papers forms or emails for leave applications, POs, PRs etc.
  • Delayed workflow
  • Increased paper and printing expenses

The aforementioned aren’t the only challenges, but they are the most common of many. Investing in SharePoint platform for your business can enable creating a transparent and efficient workflow leading to improved business growth and profits.

Before, getting started with, it would be great why SharePoint is recommended by top industry leaders like Gartner and why businesses are after the robust platform!

What is SharePoint?

Simply put, SharePoint is a web-based intranet for streamlining workflow and storing data dynamically for better accessibility to improve organization’s efficiency.

But according to Microsoft, SharePoint has a lot more than that. The eminent software leader describes SharePoint as a specialized tool exclusively packed with business-specific features like Collaboration, Portal, Search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business process management (BPM) and Business intelligence (BI) to enhance mission-critical enterprise needs.

11 Reasons why SharePoint can improve your business growth and efficiency.

With SharePoint platform and solutions, your business can:

  1. Build effective communities
  2. Set restrictions to files and data access
  3. Control and manage data
  4. Improve team productivity
  5. Manage content and documents effortlessly
  6. Centralize content storage
  7. Information security and integrity
  8. Drive organization efficiency
  9. Streamline and transparent workflow
  10. Speed up process
  11. Customize solutions for mission-critical business needs

So, it is evident that with SharePoint solutions, your business can not only ensure seamless data access but also efficient workflow. Transform your business with SharePoint business services to accelerate business growth and efficiency.

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