Long-Term Customer Engagement: Demystifying Secrets of Sitecore Marketing

March 30, 2017

Anand Kannan

Long-Term Customer Engagement: Demystifying Secrets of Sitecore Marketing

To build a robust website that delivers and converts, it is critical to focus on creating a personalized user experience for every user. Simply put, it is converting visitors to users and then to long-term potential customers through continuous engagement.

To achieve a deep relationship with customers, focusing on the relevant and meaningful content based on their needs is critical. So, every marketer must find out the different techniques, strategies and tools to deliver everlasting customer experience.

There are 4 Marketing questions that annoy most marketers when delivering targeted content at users.

  • How to manage web content?
  • How to set up and manage multisite and multilingual needs?
  • How to personalize content at individual level to offer perfect customer experience?
  • How to promote the business across multiple channels and devices seamlessly?

This is where Sitecore comes in handy as the tool powered with amazing capabilities can help marketers defeat the marketing crisis.

Demystifying Sitecore marketing secrets:

You can categorize the questions of marketers under the 4 key capabilities of Sitecore to create personalized and relevant experience to customers.

  • Web content management
  • Multisite and multilingual content management
  • Personalization
  • Multichannel promotions

Let’s see how the key capabilities of Sitecore can enable marketers to add more value to customers and business.

Secret #1: Managing Web Content
The Sitecore Web Experience Manager enables customers to deliver a customized and unique experience to every visitor.

With the powerful tool, marketers can:

  • Write-once distribute across many channels
  • Perform multivariate A/B testing for displaying only relevant content to users
  • Set up personas to identify customer behavior
  • Map user behavior pattern to provide relevant content
  • Deliver right content at right time to customers

Secret #2: Managing Multilingual and Multisite Needs
Sitecore’s Website Experience Manager ensures seamless handling of multilingual content for website and translation workflows by integrating with translation services. Besides, it enables creating a single content which can be reused and shared across different sites for consistent experience to users.

Secret #3: Managing Personalization
Sitecore enables marketers to display only content that are personalized and relevant to customers based on previous visits. With this functionality, marketers can ensure right content reaches right customers without breaking a sweat.

This how marketers can leverage personalization with Sitecore!

  • Utilize Rule Set Editor to isolate visitors interacting with your site
  • Create persona of your visitors based on location, gender, previous visits
  • Use profiling and pattern card matching to identify their areas of interest and activities
  • Display content that exactly matches to their critical needs

Secret #4: Managing Promotions Across Multiple Channels
Modern-day customers expect marketers to engage with users across all platforms based on previous interactions. Simply put, they would like to see the conversation continuing even when they move from one channel to other.

With Sitecore omnichannel automation and multichannel delivery, marketers can:

  • Tune email marketing with other marketing channels
  • Develop responsive and adaptive content experience across devices
  • Enable sharing content across multiple social media portals and measure success
  • Provide personalized shopping experience

Get rid of your marketing woes by delivering connected experiences to customers across every possible media with Sitecore marketing tools and ensure substantial business growth.

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