5 Facts Why Global CTOs Should Think About Product Development Outsourcing

May 29, 2015

Impiger Technologies


Software product outsourcing is a strategic decision when a company has a time-to-market challenge and a shortage of engineering talent. Especially for product companies, taking their product to market in time is very crucial.

Though the advantages of product outsourcing are aplenty, still some companies don’t endorse the decision to outsource their product development. Hope, these facts help understand the benefits of product outsourcing.

Product Development Outsourcing can definitely help improve the organization’s bottom line. Product Companies can start with low-risk, manageable pieces of work. Think of product testing, prototype development or a product enhancement for a start. Once product companies develop confidence in their partner’s capabilities and build trust, they can plan about the long term strategy and expand the work to include other aspects of the PDLC such as consulting, development, product sustenance and support.

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