The Mobile App Gamification tricks that App developers must know!

November 20, 2020


The Mobile App Gamification tricks that App developers must know!

If we consider the surge in the number of mobile users across the planet, it would be apt to state that smartphones are now synonymous with the fifth limb of the human body. A large part of the populace relies on mobile apps for almost every necessity. Significantly, in the prevailing era of the COVID-19 pandemic, app usage has primarily boosted.

As millions of apps flock the app store, the industry of App Development Services is turning highly aggressive. It is becoming more and more strenuous to make apps that stand out amidst the rabble. One needs to don his innovation hat and come up with out-of-the-box ideas for app creation. For App Development Companies, like Eleviant Technologies, a promising proposition to elevate their app’s user engagement is Mobile App Gamification.

A brief introduction to Mobile App Gamification

Mobile app gamification is a value-adding process of introducing specific gaming elements in a non-gaming app. It helps to increase an app’s user retention and engagement levels. Gamifying an app enables to maintain users’ interest for a longer time and helps to bring more traffic to the app.

“The MarketsandMarkets Report states that the gamification market size world-wide will be $30.7 billion by 2025.”

Reason for the increasing acceptance of Mobile App Gamification in the arena of App Development Services

The process of App Gamification is a mixture of psychology and technology. If we look at the rage for gaming apps, app gamification seems to work amazingly for increasing any app’s popularity. The app gamification technique enables garnering interest as it helps users get a sense of reward and accomplishment while using the app.

Gamification acts as a trigger in the release of dopamine or the “feel-good” hormones in the user’s brain. When a user gets an appealing app experience for the first time, a higher probability of user re-engagement exists. Once any app user develops a penchant for the app-specific experience, he will feel the rush to reuse and promote it.

Mobile App Development companies can make more saleable apps due to gamification. Business enterprises find the technique as a great way to scale up their revenue from apps. No wonder Mobile App Gamification has become a rudimentary aspect of mobile app development.

Points to note while implementing Mobile App Gamification for your Ap

  1. Subjectivity of the App

    App developers undertaking the task of app gamification must realize that it is subjective in nature. The techniques for gamifying an app need to modify as per various development requirements. It would be best to consider the app’s purpose and the target users’ preferences while carrying out the process. It is ideal to research about the tastes and demographics of the focused app users.

  2. Avoid overburdening the app with too many App Gamification gimmick

    “Too much of anything is always averted.” One should remember that gamifying a non-gaming app does not mean adding excessive game dynamics to the app. You must keep a balance to make sure that the app does not lose its actual essence. Users may get agitated if the gaming elements overshadow the real purpose of the app.

  3. Testing the app is crucial

    Robustly test the working of your app after the infusion of gamification tactics. It will help you detect any bugs in the gamifying process and ensure an excellent user experience.

Some time-tested Mobile App Gamification tricks for App Developers

There are some popular and effective Mobile App Gamification tricks, which you should know. Let us start our journey of familiarization with the common tricks of App Gamification!

  • Keep the buzz high with quizzes

    Many users love to test themselves through quizzes and questionnaires. One can imbibe quiz sections in apps to raise its interactivity. People also tend to compare their quiz scores with their friends. Scoring high in the quizzes also appeals to the users’ self-esteem. Many news apps and e-learning apps opt for this trick to keep their readers and learners engaged.

  • Leaderboards to lead your app ahead

    We always love to see our names on the list of top performers. Leaderboards showing a user’s position after accomplishing any task on the app is a great trick to engage in more traffic. Fitness apps use leaderboards for motivating users to perform well and get in the list of top performers.

  • Perfecting your app with Progress bars

    One of the best ways to retain users’ attention is to show them how far they have progressed. Progress bars are another useful trick to encourage users to stick to your app. Apps such as Khan Academy and Udemy use the technique to keep the spirits of their app users alive.

  • Appreciate your app users with rewards and badges

    Everyone desires a pat on the back for a good deed. Apps employ techniques, including reward points, badges, and virtual tags to recognize patrons who accomplish a particular project or task. Numerous productivity apps, fitness apps, and e-commerce apps go for rewards and badges of honor for their loyal users.

  • Channel more users to your apps using User Challenges

    Are you up for the next challenge? Developers can create challenges and levels in their apps that users feel driven to complete. It keeps the user hooked to the app for a longer time. Snapchat is a notable app that has managed to increase user retention with myriad challenges to perform with friends.

Enhance your Mobile App’s fascination with Mobile App Gamification!

Indeed Mobile App Gamification is a convenient technique for App Developers to create remarkable mobile apps for their customers. App Development experts around the globe highly recommend the method of mobile app gamification for non-gaming apps.

Eleviant Technologies is one of the noteworthy app Development companies that remain updated with different innovations and app development techniques. Our developers have impressive proficiency in implementing app gamification techniques in creating sensational apps for our clients. We stand as a dependable choice for diverse business entities looking for stellar app development services.

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