Mobile App Adoption Across Different Industries and Its Benefits

July 7, 2017

Anand Kannan

Mobile App Adoption Across Different Industries and Its Benefits

Engaging with users 24/7 is a top most concern of most industries and there is a common element that has enabled business heads to accomplish that. The arrival of mobile application has transformed the way every industry works. Industries powered with this advanced technology have already started delivering maximum benefits to customers.

Statista claims the gross annual revenue generated through mobile app by different industries is massive and it’s expected to surge further by 2020. So, the growth of mobile app is invincible and it’s going to stay here forever.

Here in this post I have amassed the mobile app benefits for some of the top-rated industries across different verticals.

Apps for IT Industry

As the name goes, Information Technology, the companies have no other choice but adopt the latest advancements in the field to its fullest to attract clients and improve ROI. A mobile app for this industry would demonstrate customer employee engagement for better productivity, efficiency; portfolio of clients; customer support; social engagement, etc.

Top benefits

  • Improve productivity
  • Empower workforce
  • Gain actionable insights
  • Save time and money
  • Better collaboration
  • Improve RoI, etc.

Apps for Healthcare

To be honest, mobile apps have revolutionized the way medical industry works. Scheduling hospital visits has become amazingly simple and patients can beat the queue by fixing appointments with a specific medical expert from anywhere, anytime.

The digitization process has improved the patient care by leaps and bounds. Notifications through mobile apps enables patients to visit the hospital on-time and help with a date for revisit.

Top benefits

  • Better doctor’patient relationship
  • Saves patient and doctor’s time
  • Improves appoint schedules
  • Notifies doctor availability
  • Enhances follow-up visits, etc.

Apps for Manufacturing Industry

Leveraging mobile app benefits has influenced the manufacturing industry to a great extent. The industry reeling under paper-based process and poor workflow management has finally got some good news with the inclusion of mobile app as part of their strategy.

With digitization, the complete workflow has been automated and complex process handling problems have been eliminated. Supply chain management, materials management, inventory, etc. process is now highly efficient.

Top benefits

  • Greater employee visibility
  • Greater accuracy of information
  • Real-time shipment and vehicle tracking
  • Ensuring quality, quality control
  • Mobilization of on-demand data

Apps for Retail Industry

Retail industry is the most benefited sector when it comes to utilizing the mobile apps. The industry has been experiencing skyrocket growth of sales and customer base as the app powers with connecting to clients across different parts of the world.

The industry constantly follows up with customers and targets new customers through applications to improve their sales performance.


Top benefits

  • In-depth and dynamic shopping experience
  • Effective business marketing
  • Personalized services
  • Better Customer relationship and management

Apps for Financial Industry

Accessing a huge volume of finance data from anywhere was a huge challenge until mobile app conquered the industry. Now, accessing sensitive data and making plethora of transactions is seamless with mobile applications. This approach enables the industry to reach out and retain customers in innovative ways.

Top benefits

  • Serve all customer segments on a unified platform
  • Access to banking – anywhere, anytime
  • Delight customers with personalized experience
  • Grow business with faster customer onboarding

Apps for Ecommerce Industry

The growth rate of ecommerce industry is skyrocketing year after year and mobile apps are the exclusive reason for this. With purchasing the products with a click of a button from anywhere, anytime, mobile apps have completely transformed the way a customer looks at online stores.

The beefed-up app security has further enhanced the use of applications for money transfers.

Top benefits
  • 24/7 Customer visibility
  • Constant promotions through push notifications
  • Improve usability
  • Focus on consistent users
  • Personalize promotions, offers

Apps for Travel and Tourism Industry

Ticket booking for cinemas, cabs and other transportation utilities once challenging has been mitigated by mobile apps. Now, it takes a few seconds to book a cab or book a ticket to a cinema nearby. Most transporters are now utilizing the mobile apps to do the bookings as it is simple, efficient and easy to carry.

Top benefits

  • Complete automation, leading to reduced time delays, cost
  • Better collaboration with customer and transportation services
  • Seamless customer and transporter data management
  • One stop solution to booking

Apps for Logistics and Transportation Industry

Managing inventory, materials supply, tracking routes, assessing materials loaded and unloaded has become amazingly simple for logistics and transportation industry. The mobile app has simplified the complete process enabling the industry to perform efficiently ever than before.

Top benefits

  • Track mileage on-the-go
  • Measure driver/field worker performance
  • Interaction with back-end systems
  • Manage scheduling and routing
  • Manage inventory
  • Deliver goods on-time
  • Save time, money

Apps for Education Industry

There is a significant increase in the education-based apps. Many leading universities and educational institutions are into developing mobile apps for engaging with students. Already tons of video-based education apps available in the market today.

The apps have simplified the way students learn and enable them to perform better in the competitive exams.

Top benefits
  • Ease of access to resources
  • Learning without boundaries
  • Better collaboration between teachers, students, parents
  • Improved student engagement
  • Better results at examinations

So, in short, mobile apps are already utilized by most industries and the applications consumed by top industries will keep on increasing in the future.

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