Low-Code/No-Code Revolution (Part 2): Use Cases & Real-Life Examples

February 27, 2023

Nithya Rachel

Low-Code/No-Code Revolution (Part 2): Use Cases & Real-Life Examples

In the last post, we discussed what low-code/no-code (LCNC) is and why it is gaining popularity. In this post, let’s look at LCNC use cases across industries and successful real-life implementations.

Levelling the Technology Field for SMEs

In any industry, companies that adapt to the market thrive. For years, large enterprises had the resources to explore emerging technologies by hiring skilled AI, machine learning (ML), blockchain developers and setting up top-notch infrastructures. However, these emerging technologies remained out of reach for small and medium-sized firms (SMBs). LCNC platforms make the latest technologies accessible to small and medium businesses.

LCNC technology adoption saves a company time and money and improves productivity. A recent analysis shows that over 7,000 businesses use LCNC platforms, and out of the 187 S&P-listed companies using these platforms, 20% are Information Technology companies, 16% are Financial, and 15% are Healthcare.

Low-Code/No-Code Use Cases

From form/data collection apps to process automation and on-premises apps, LCNC can add value in every industry. Let’s look at some of the industry-specific use cases and case studies:

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics and supply chain delays can affect stable economies and weaken businesses. We have even seen disruptions like the pandemic and trade sanctions leading to global shortages and inflation. Logistics & Supply Chain companies are turning to LCNC technology to build tools that help them address bottlenecks. Citizen developers can use LCNC tools to automate processes, improve visibility, and enhance productivity. LCNC tools can integrate legacy systems and partially or fully automate most supply chain tasks, such as managing assets and contracts, tracking goods and inventory, invoicing, and compliance adherence.


Most legacy healthcare applications like Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have siloed architecture. LCNC platforms empower doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to contribute to creating an integrated patient experience. Using LCNC platforms, you can integrate custom electronic health record (EHR) systems and third-party applications such as telehealth and IoT healthcare devices. It is crucial to select an LCNC platform built for the healthcare industry to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards (such as HIPAA and GDPR).


Most manufacturing companies still use legacy systems that may not support integration with other core systems making data sharing or collaboration difficult. LCNC platforms can eliminate information silos and remove process bottlenecks by connecting systems together. These platforms are gaining popularity among manufacturers because they empower floor teams to address problems in real-time. Manufacturing enterprises can create LCNC applications to connect teams working at multiple locations and track workloads at different facilities. With LCNC applications, you can effectively communicate design changes to floor teams, automate repetitive tasks, and harness the potential of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).


Insurance companies can use LCNC technology to take advantage of emerging technologies like AI, RPA, and microservices. At Eleviant, we developed a low-code investigation portal for a leading insurance firm that faced challenges while outsourcing the claims investigation process.

Our low code development experts built an investigation portal and mobile app that integrated with the client’s core system through an API. We included several key features to ensure data accuracy and transparency such as GPS coordinate timestamp on the photos. As a result, third-party partners accurately tracked the investigation status and delivered invoices for the client to pay. Initially, the client introduced the low-code application to limited third-party partners and then rolled out the application to third-party partners nationwide after observing the success.

Information Technology

Professional developers use low-code platforms to speed up the development process. Low-code platforms like Joget, a platform recognized in Forrester’s Now Tech Q1 2021 report, support seamless deployment, scalability, and security features. Professional developers use low code to modernize legacy apps, prototype solutions and more. These platforms shorten the development to release cycle from months to just weeks.

Accounting & Finance

LCNC applications eliminate time-consuming paperwork in accounting and finance sectors. LCNC platforms are instrumental in these sectors as they liberate employees from mundane tasks such as maintaining multiple spreadsheets. Accounting and finance firms can create unique workflows and automate loan approval, risk assessments, and dispute-handling processes.


Most construction companies use outdated ERP solutions that hinder growth. At Eleviant, we’ve helped a leading construction company maximize growth by building a low-code application that allows field workers and backend offices to communicate in real time. From materials tracking to asset inspections and maintenance, LCNC applications can automate most construction processes bringing in increased profits.

Energy & Utilities

Sectors such as energy, agriculture, and education are growing adopters of LCNC technology. Many Energy & Utilities (E&U) companies that go through mergers and acquisitions face challenges while integrating legacy systems. LCNC platform’s cloud-based architectures connect siloed systems and simplify asset management and operations. E&U companies can integrate CRM, billing, provisioning, and online systems with LCNC.

So, are you a citizen developer looking for a quick consultation? Does your business need a quick-to-market solution? We are here to support you with the right expertise. Talk to one of our experts to explore how we can assist you.

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