Guide: How to setup any iOS app in Kiosk mode

May 15, 2017

Gokulkrishnan Sivasubramaniam


Kiosk is a digital terminal with special hardware and software that provides some useful information to the user. Some of commonly known Kiosk setups are used to dispense movie tickets, parking tickets, and in restaurants, visitor management, information desk, and way finding. They are often the simplest way to automate access to a product or a service.
Nowadays it has become common that Kiosk stands are occupied with a tablet device – specifically an iPad. The following steps can help you setup an iOS app for your kiosk.

Setting up any iOS app in kiosk involves following steps

1. Enabling Assistive Touch

Enabling assistive touch is a preventive measure for Kiosk setup because most of Kiosk stands will not allow users to access Home button of iOS device.’Switch on Assistive touch and customize to the top-level menu to have only home icon.

                       Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch

. Disable Lock/Unlock Setup

Disabling lock option is also another preventive measure for Kiosk setup because most of Kiosk cases will not allow users to access Power/Wake button


                                    Settings -> General -> Auto Lock -> Never

                                    Settings -> General -> Lock/Unlock -> Off

3.'Enabling Restrictions

Enable restrictions with passcode and allow applications only required for the Kiosk App. E.g. Kiosk app may use safari or camera or FaceTime app.’If required, installation and deletion of apps can be restricted so your app will not be deleted by end user while in Kiosk mode.

                             Settings ->’General ->’Restrictions ->’Enable’Restrictions

Generally, Kiosk will be set to work with only one application so it’s good to restrict Installing Apps & Deleting Apps

4. Enabling Guided Access

The last step for Kiosk Stand setup is enabling Guided access.’Switch on Guided Access and enable passcode setting with a passcode so kiosk users will not be able to exit out of app’s kiosk mode.

                             Settings ->’General -> Accessibility ->’Guided Access

5. iOS app setup in Guided Mode

Open any application and triple click iOS Home Button to get Guided access menu. With the passcode, you will get to see below screen.

Enable Keyboard, Touch, if your app needs keyboard or touch actions. Also, ensure that time limit for guided access is turned off. Once done, Start/Resume Guided Access.’While in guided access mode user can triple click iOS Home button and enter passcode to get to the above menu where user can ‘End’ guided access mode and use the device in normal mode.
Feel free to comment if you have any questions about setting up an iOS kiosk and we’ll answer them.

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