Looking back at Genband Perspectives 2015: Impiger as a Kandy Ecosystem Partner

June 24, 2015

Impiger Technologies


A month back, members of Impiger were in Orlando, Florida to exhibit at the much awaited GENBAND Perspectives 2015. Impiger showcased a Customer Service Solution (Native iOS & Android Application and Web Application) ‘My Support’ that would enable customer care team of any organization to provide support services for customers to address specific technical issues related to a product purchased from them. Customers can use their mobile device to initiate a real time chat with the device video stream showing the product having a technical issue. Customer support executives can use the web app and use markups over specific sections on the video stream to provide more details/pin point the location where the issue is present and assist them in addressing the issue.

Impiger’s My Support solution is a customizable WebRTC-enabled mobile application that leverages Kandy’s market-leading embedded communications technology and advanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow customers to easily establish a communication channel (including: co-browsing, real time document push, collaborated notes, etc.) with a support representatives from an Application installed on their device.

Genband and specially the Team behind Kandy, was extremely supportive towards Impiger and helping us take the application from ‘Concept’ to ‘Showcase’ stage. Today’s customers expect that the entire experience when it comes to mobile app should be centered around the words ‘Personal’, ‘Anywhere’, ‘Real-time’ and ‘Communication’. Kandy is such a solution that’s enabling the Mobile App ecosystem in delivering experiences that users would enjoy and feel comfortable with. A lot of visitors post reviewing Impiger’s application demo remarked on how the solution would elevate the way we know ‘Customer Support Experience’ is as of today and will bring a lot of increase in efficiency & productivity to the overall Average Handling Time (AHT) of a session.

Here are few pictures taken at the event:

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