Gen Z and Mobile Apps: Trends and Possibilities

September 29, 2022

Idhaya M V

Gen Z and Mobile Apps: Trends and Possibilities

The world had no idea this day would arrive. An age open to new ideas, technological advancements, and businesses that are being established at a rate that no one could have predicted even ten years ago. Kids aged 10 and 14 are turning into entrepreneurs and tech prodigies and proving that with a mobile device and internet connectivity, anybody could start up and market their ideas from virtually anywhere. This was something earlier generations could never have imagined.  

It is needless to say that mobile applications are one of the more dominant reasons for such a dramatic increase in various types of businesses worldwide. The need to stay accessible and to engage has led to a surge in the number of mobile applications in app stores – because, in the last decade alone, there have been more people with cellphones than those with personal computers – leading to increased visibility across the board. 

Why must businesses keep Gen Z in mind? 

 People born between 1997 and 2010 are commonly referred to as Gen Z. This generation, often known as the connected generation, is setting trends in many fields. They are intelligent, connected, and up to date on everything going, on-all from the comfort of their smartphone displays.  

Known popularly as the “Mobile-First Generation,” Gen Z significantly influences consumer preferences, directly impacting the revenues of various businesses. They affect everything from workplace expectations to using key technologies and spending behavior on apps. Let us take a look at a few statistics to understand their importance:

  • Over 32% of Gen Z transactions happen on a mobile device(Citreo) 
  • 43% of Gen Z-ers would participate in a product review. (Forbes) 
  • 74% of Gen Z-ers spend their free time online.(HubSpot) 
  • 95% of teens report they have a smartphone or access to one.(PewResearch) 
  • 62% of Gen Z-ers will not use an app or website that is too slow to load.(IBM) 
  • 20.2% of Gen Z-ers prefer engaging with a brand on social media, more than any other channel.(Campaign Monitor) 
  • 85% of Gen Z use social media to learn about new products.(Marketing Charts) 
  • Generation Z influences $600 billion in family spending.(WARC) 
  • Generation Z accounts for 40% of all consumers. Estimations are that by 2025, Gen Z will account for 85 million of all consumers.(Forbes) 

These are just a few of the numerous statistics. With many Gen Z users using mobile apps, it is necessary for an organization to attract this category of users towards them. Businesses should analyze more of their mobile usage patterns and understand their preferences before designing their mobile apps.  

Ways in which Gen Z is changing the world

 New definition of User experience

User experience is vital to grab the attention of any user. Consider the world’s most popular social applications, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Even with non-visual mediums like Twitter, the emphasis is still on the experience.

According to backlinko, out of 4.48 billion social media users, 99% access their apps.

A well-designed mobile app allows customers to visualize the brand’s story with a few clicks.

According to SproutSocial, 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social platforms.

The world looks through their mobile screen- making it the best view possible is the only way forward.

Here's an interesting case study on how we bought a whole fandom of an entertaining site under a single umbrella (engaging mobile app)

Here's an interesting case study on how we bought a whole fandom of an entertaining site under a single umbrella (engaging mobile app)

The Power of Social media 

Social networks significantly impact not only forming individual opinions but also political situations and decisions. 

According to thrive away, 93% of Gen Z are on social media platforms. 

Users can find almost any information they seek on the Internet. And it is easy for people to have quick opinions about everything under the sky. As a result, every worldwide occurrence generates a variety of perspectives and viewpoints (as well as conspiracy theories).

And thanks to social media apps, individuals worldwide are connected, amplifying points of view. So much so that this collective voice can potentially lead to policy changes worldwide. We have never experienced anything like this in human history. Every voice is heard, and every opinion is valued.  

Social media platforms have become increasingly important in electoral politics, first in Howard Dean’s ultimately unsuccessful candidacy in 2003, then in the election of 2008, and then in 2016’s Twitter-driven campaign. Compared to other forms of media, the influence of social media in political campaigns has grown dramatically. For example, A Pew Research study says one in every five U.S. adults gets their political news primarily through social media.  

New window of Opportunities 

Mobile apps have altered the way of life for Gen Z. Never would our ancestors have imagined that one might earn a living with so many opportunities. Digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and influencers are just a few professions in the sea of digital options. The economic system is being restructured. Equal opportunity has taken on a new dimension. Mobile applications have changed everything.  

According to McKinsey research, Gen Zers value online communities because they enable people from diverse economic backgrounds to connect and mobilize around causes and interests. In addition, when it comes to gender equality, 77% of Gen Z say they have a more positive attitude toward a brand that promotes equality on social media.  

McKinsey discovered that 65% of Gen Zers value knowing what is happening around them and feeling in control when learning anything new. They’re more comfortable absorbing knowledge online than in traditional institutions of learning. 

AI-assisted Experience 

Consider AI-assisted apps as a breakthrough for mobile applications. Bots have now become a part of the mobile app experience, with warm human-like conversations, detailed replies, and faster response times. Studies and research indicate that this is the future of technology.  

According to a recent cognizant survey, the market size of Conversational AI is expected to reach USD$1.3 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24%.

Chatbots are used in lead generation, recruitment, and customer service, where the customer needs guidance to proceed with their process. They can accept questions and answers. Based on the complexity of the question, it is decided whether it requires human intervention.    

How can businesses enter the world of Gen Z? 

Businesses using mobile apps have a significant challenge in keeping up with the tech-savvy and curious youngsters. Businesses must ramp up to meet the aspirations of Generation Z because they are technically equipped in every way to ride the wave of digital transformation. With such a breakneck pace, it is inevitable for companies to have all-encompassing mobile apps that incorporate all the factors listed while also scaling and adapting to new trends and technologies. Therefore, it is a must to have a mobile app development partner who is abreast of the evolution of people and technology. Finding one must be a challenging task.  

Worry not!  

Eleviant, with 19+ years in business and 300+ mobile apps delivered to date, can assist you with understanding what Gen Zers want and building intuitive apps. Eleviant’s application development services include a full range of bespoke application design, development, and maintenance services for mobile, web, and next-generation apps built on cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI). We develop with a focus on creating engaging user experiences. Contact us to stay relevant and updated and build your dream app. 

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